Q&A w/ THE HIVES (Swedish band coming to Florida Oct 18-20)

by • October 8, 2021

It’s been eight long years since the greatest band in the world—Sweden’s The Hives—has graced the state of Florida with their presence. Lucky for us, the wait is finally over when The Hives return for three Florida shows—St. Petersburg (Jannus Live, October 18, 2021), Ft. Lauderdale (Revolution Live, October 19, 2021) and Orlando (House of Blues, October 20, 2021). The Hives are known for their amazing charisma and highly energetic shows. If you aren’t a fan of The Hives, you definitely will be by the end of the show.

Some say that The Hives come off as a bit egotistical but if you’ve ever seen them live, you know that they aren’t lying. The Hives really are that great. They put on a rock n’ roll show like I’ve never seen before and I have seen a lot of shows. Do yourself a favor and come see The Hives in Florida. Who knows when your next chance to see them will be?

I recently had the opportunity to talk to The Hives’ guitarist, Nicholaus Arson about their upcoming visit to Florida (See below).


SIGT: How does it feel to finally be back on the road doing a proper headline tour after the last two years? Are you looking forward to the Florida weather?

The HIVES: Feels like million dollars covered in hot sauce so yeah pretty good. Yeah the warm and humid weather is good for my curls plus I get to play Rock ‘n’ roll so win-win.

SIGT: Were you able to work on any new music while the rest of the world was locked down? (Maybe a follow-up to Lex Hives?) And if so, can we expect to hear any new tunes live on this tour?

The Hives: Yes we have material for 2 new records pretty much ready to record and yes we will definitely play new tunes.

SIGT: My first time seeing The Hives was on your tour with P!NK back in 2013 (personally, I thought that you blew P!NK out of the water that night!). Was that tour well received and do you have any funny stories from that tour?

The Hives: Well first of all thank you! Yeah very much so. Pink’s fans come out dead set ready to party so there wasn’t a whole lot of trouble having the stadiums on board with The Hives who are no doubt likeminded creatures.

SIGT: You released your first live album, Live At Third Man Records, in September of 2020. It’s a phenomenal album. How long ago was that show recorded and what was it like working with Mr. Jack White?

The Hives: You’re very welcome! It was recorded 16th of May 2019. I looked it up. Yeah it’s always great to catch up with Jack and whatever he’s doing at the time. We should work more with Jack.

SIGT: Is there anything else you would like to say to your Florida fans?

The Hives: Yeah if you got brains go see The Hives. If you got no brains find a brainy friend and tag along when they go and see The Hives.

The Hives tour kicks off in St. Petersburg on Monday, October 18, brought to you by our friends No Clubs Presents. See you there!


The Hives USA TOUR 2021 STPETE

The Hives Interview 2021 by Trevor Bosmans.

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