Songs I Groove To Vol V

Songs I Groove To Vol. V | Earl St. Clair, Highly Suspect, Irasel Nash, J. Cole

by • December 12, 2016

An installation of songs that are not necessarily new this week, though it’s likely they are, but probably just new to us. If you find this list yawningly glib then email us, silly, and lay your music knowledge down, please.

Earl St. Clair – “Good Time”

Just put it on before you go out for the night, trust me. A dopamine trigger, this funky, dance-rock track meets a voice to be reckoned with in Earl St. Clair. The Cleveland producer/writer turned stand out artist is poised to break out in 2017. There is an undeniable groove which will immediately start to take place in the pelvic region, which will then subsequently spread to your whole body by the end of the song. Earl brings a vintage soul and funk element to a market which craves/lacks classically constructed dance songs with a fresh modern element. With only this song and “Man on Fire” out as singles available on most major streaming platforms, we’re hopeful to get a full project of dance jams next year!


Highly Suspect – “Chicago”

“Chicago,” a piano ballad from their recently released album, The Boy Who Died Wolf, is unlike anything previously released by Highly Suspect. Hauntingly transparent, lead singer Jonny Stevens tells an apparently true story of a long time relationship. His normal howl is tamed back into a natural singing voice which leaves you in one big pile of chills.  

Baby I met you in downtown Chicago, but I had to drive away the very next day. So I flew your pretty ass to New York City, and I left you in LA.

The whole new Highly Suspect album is rad. I recommend picking up The Boy Who Died Wolf for that post-grunge modern rock vibe we all lack in our lives.


Israel Nash x The Bright Light Social Hour – “Lupita”

A match made in heaven. Israel Nash joins an already accomplished band, The Bright Light Social Hour, to release a three track EP, Lupita, for you to do Peyote on. Eerily catchy, this western, psychedelic indie-rock direction is a treat for fans of both artists. The music leans towards sounds of Israel Nash’s solo career although, the influence of TBLSH is evident and genius. A vintage, almost laurel canyon vibe could be used to describe the sort of essence created by the two entities ( as Israel is singing lead on most of the tracks). We would love to hear more from this trippy, super pairing, but for now, put your feet up and listen to Lupita.


J Cole – “everybody dies”

Straight shitting on these piss poor rappers/I’m back. Never knew a ni**a that was better.

2016’s coming to a close, but J. Cole still has something to say and he’s not afraid to take shots at the ones sitting at the top. Earlier this month, the Forest Hills Drive rapper gave us “False Prophets” with a not so hidden meaning about one of his famed idols.

There was a time when this ni**a was my hero, maybe that’s the reason why his fall from grace is hard to take.

He doesn’t express anger at (rumored to be/obvious context clued) Kayne West, so much disappointed in him. It wasn’t too long ago Cole looked up to the Yeezus rapper in earnest competition to help push to make him better.

This time around on the latest track ( which doesn’t even appear on his new album 4 Your Eyez Only), Cole doesn’t hold back.

Napolean complex, you this tall rappers…

Streets don’t fuck w/ you, you Pitchfork rappers

Chosen by the white man, you hit store rappers

“everybody dies” is a bonus, an extra, a kiss-off to any backlash the rapper knew he would receive for the new album. It’s for those who were never going to listen to the heavily conceptual 4 Your Eyez Only anyway, so Cole doesn’t care about going in and firing rounds. The Fayettville rapper settles in, kicks back, and shrugs his shoulders with this track stating, “One day everybody gotta die.

True, man.

SONGS I GROOVE TO Vol V: Earl St. Clair, Highly Suspect, Irasel Nash, J. Cole by Shawn Grey and Sarah Schumaker, edited by Matthew Weller.

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