Preview: River Oaks (Shane Told of Silverstein) w/ Mark Rose (Spitalfield) | The Studio at Webster Hall, NYC, NY | Friday, December 30, 2016

by • December 27, 2016

I’ve been living in Florida for over seven years now. I used to make trips back to The Island (Long Island for those who don’t understand my lingo) as much as possible. Those trips were usually based on show dates, Mets games, and friends’ birthdays. It’s rare that I go home for the holidays. It’s usually for two reasons: 1. It’s cold AF. 2. It costs a fortune. Anyway, whenever I would go home for the holidays (Christmas and my birthday), I’d make sure something was planned. The last time I went home, I saw The Starting Line at Irving Plaza as a birthday gift to myself.

As 2016 nears closer to the end, more nostalgia has hit again … Silverstein was one of the first bands I started seeing and listening to back in high school. 15ish years later, Shane Told (lead vox) is finally taking time to do his solo thing. Told’s side project, River Oaks, is doing a mini US tour. Shane will be playing six dates with Mark Rose of Spitalfield this holiday season. The final date is Friday, December 30at The Studio at Webster Hall in NYC. If I had known sooner that this was going on, I would’ve planned on flying home for my 30th and continued my holiday/birthday ritual. #fail

As a 30th birthday gift, I ask all my LI friends to see Shane and Mark. If you’re not in NY, they’ll also be playing the dates below:


Dec 27 – Cleveland, OH

Grog Shop

Dec 28 – Pittsburgh, PA

The Smiling Moose

Dec 29 – Philadelphia, PA

The Foundry at The Fillmore

Dec 30 – New York, NY

The Studio at Webster Hall


River Oaks Preview by Katie Baldwin. Edited by Austin Young.

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