Papadosio | Live Concert Photo 2014 | Orlando

It’s time to Pop a Dose Yo! | Live Review of Papadosio | The Beacham Orlando | September 10 2014

by • September 16, 2014

On Wednesday night, the 10th of September, the Beacham was probably the best place you could have possibly been in Orlando. Why is that? Because it became the glowing domain of the one and only Papadosio. If you are not familiar with this amazing band, you will be by the end of this post.

If you are familiar, then you probably know why Wednesday night kicked so much ass. Papadosio is a staple to the ever-growing conscious music festival scene, and with good reason. They put on a spectacular show and they deliver tons of powerful, positive vibes.

I would highly recommend giving their latest album, T.E.T.I.O.S., a listen (which stands for “To End The Illusion Of Separation”). Your ears will likely appreciate the this:

Their Orlando show, the second venue performance of their Imaginal Cells tour, was absolutely fantastic, as always, and perhaps even more so than usual.

The show opener was a band  from Asheville, NC called Asian Teacher Factory, a four-member up and coming experimental band that I am hoping they will catch a lot of new fans while they play on this tour. I saw them for the first time at Bonnaroo last year while I was just walking around and I found myself glued to the stage within seconds. I actually didn’t know until just a few days before this Orlando show (over a year later) that Papadosio’s bassist is a member of ATF too, which is total awesome sauce!

Asian Teacher Factory was a great way to start off the night because they offer a versatile blend of musical elements including jazz, metal, jam and electronica. It’s really difficult to categorize their sound into any particular genre; it’s like an amoeba of musical genius that sporadically undulates beyond the limits of any conceptual box.

Here, have a listen for yourself:

ATF’s musical kung fu incited much of the crowd to fall into a lively, solid groove, which was absolutely perfect as preparation for the main event, the big hitter quintet, Papadosio!

Oh, that lighting though… If there’s one thing that is noticeable before anything else, it’s Papadosio’s light show and visuals; they’re out of this world! In an age when people require more stimulus to feel excited about anything, Papa D does not disappoint. For me though, it was most exciting to see them play some previously unreleased music from their newest album, Night & Day.

Here is a link to their Night & Day release “New Love”:

The words “New Love” just about sum up my feelings about the whole set in the most short-and-sweet way I can imagine right now. I have seen Papadosio over ten times now between festival performances and indoor venue shows and somehow they always remain fresh and inspiring. I am continuously eager to see them time and time again. I think what sets them apart from most of my other favorite bands is that they have such a unique and positive energy radiating through their sound and presence. They write music that inspires love, happiness, following dreams, and being the change you want to see in the world. It’s amazing that these kinds of messages can be transmitted so sincerely through such badass music so seamlessly and apparently effortlessly. [Editors note: Here’s a shitty pic Mitch took:]

Papadosio | Live Concert Photo 2014 | Orlando

Every Papadosio performance I’ve ever seen has been deeply immersive and this show at the Beacham was no different. There is a reason Papadosio is chosen by so many festivals as a top headlining act. Not only do they make people want to dance all night, but they play a style of music of which few other bands could hope to compete with.

Papadosio fuses genres including jazz, EDM, progressive rock, funk, psychedelia, jam and acoustic folk. Usually bands that are able to do things like this are lumped together into the overly massive “indie” heap, but this is not fitting for Papadosio at all. They tend to call their brand of music “jamtronica” to keep things simple, but to say that their broad range of musical style is any one thing is mostly unjustified. But, it is what it is. You will just have to see for yourself and see what you think if you haven’t experienced what I’m talking about yet. Maybe it’s time to Pop A Dose, Yo! 🙂

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