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STREAM: New Father John Misty “Real Love Baby” | Live Photos from FJM at The Beacham, Orlando

by • July 26, 2016

Let this serve as the review Mitch never wrote. Something about Josh Tillman tripping balls the latter half of his night after he closed out his “I love you, Honeybear” campaign at the Beacham in Orlando. That’s basically the best I could sum up Mitch’s inebriated memory verbatim, and if you’re a fan of Father John Misty’s music/persona, you are probably not surprised of the LSD use. I hope this is actually true, Mitch. My experiences include: crying the whole Beacham show, and dancing hip to hip and arm in arm with FJM at 64 North. Furthermore getting pit access to his Bonnaroo set where more tears ensued, as he cemented a genuine rock-star status in my shitty little list of opinions.

Fast forwarding to today, as Father John Misty releases his newest, best smelling song “Real Love Baby” the perfect song to wind down your slummer of poor decisions and passive aggressive feelings. The joyous vibes put forth by FJM actually seem straightforward, lacking usual satirical motifs heard on the first two albums. Stream “Real Love Baby” and get really drunk on a boat or something. 😎

I want real love baby
Ooh, don’t leave me waiting
I’ve got real love maybe
Wait until you taste me.”

New Father John Misty “Real Love Baby” stream by Sean Gray.
Father John Misty Live Concert Photos by Brian Schanck.

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