BRONCHO Live Review

A LOOK BACK: BRONCHO Live Review + Photos | November 15, 2016 | Will’s Pub, Orlando, FL

by • May 20, 2017

Darting eyes confuse me. Does he not care at all or does it mean something? Not just him, also him, and him, and definitely her …

BRONCHO have my emotions tangled and they’re getting tighter. There’s a 12% beer in my hand which tastes like wet soil. It fits. They break. I feel it. I see it. This means everything to them — being in a small room of sweaty strangers several states from home, sharing something so confusing that it makes perfect sense.

BRONCHO Live Review Trenchcoat

I let go. I give in. I dance. That tan trench coat is becoming less mysterious and more friendly. Ryan’s sliding shoes and finger kisses tightly lace my eyes closed and peel my smile high. I never lose interest. I forget about the possibility of losing interest because I’m initially so inside my head trying to figure out what’s inside his, or theirs. It’s a beautiful mess. My kind of mess. This rules.

I saw you guys in the audience.” Ryan opens up, outside Will’s Pub after the set to Jenn and I. “I liked you guys. I liked you guys because … you looked like you’d be the same height as me.” Caught off guard and laughing, my next move makes sense.

“Do you want to smoke a J?” I ask.


“Let’s go.”

Then this happened (photo by Jenn Ross).

Broncho Live Review

BRONCHO defines what dancing in a dream is like.

Dance here:

Sometimes I go into a room knowing nothing. Sometimes I come out knowing less. This time I came out with everything —

doing great (doing well is pretty vague).”

BRONCHO Live Review by Mitch.
BRONCHO Live Concert Photos by Chad.

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