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G. Love and Special Sauce @ Cocoa Beach Oktoberfest 2015! | October 3, 2015

by • October 1, 2015

Today I had the joy of checking off a bucket list item – Chatting with Garret Dutton aka G Love of G Love and Special Sauce. I’ll just tease you with that information now. The full disclosure will come after Saturday, October 3, 2015’s show at Oktoberfest Cocoa Beach.


If you don’t know – (insert horrified gasp here) – G Love is the harp wailing, riff funking frontman of the delta blues, funky hip hop based, grit blended rock n roll trio. Jeffrey Clemens aka Housman is the driving force of those funky beats. James Prescott aka Jimijazz makes you love his upright base like it was the only bass you’ve ever known. They’ve been doing this “live” thing for twenty-three years and they bring it every show — I guess the adage is true, practice does makes perfect. At the Cocoa Beach Oktoberfest this coming October 3, 2015, I will be dancing in the front row – totally lost in their unique original sound. Go see this show, your mojo will thank you.


Loves Saves the Day is the latest vinyl on the presses for these guys. Personally I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. (Luckily you can pre-order your copies at PledgeMusic.com.) With guest artists like Lucinda Williams, Citizen Cope, Ozomati, David Hilalgo, Mark Boyce, DJ Logic, and Zach Gil of Jack Johnson, I can only expect an epic ride with a sound I’ve loved for two decades – bluesy funky rock that makes my feet move whether I control them or not! This makes for some crappy phone videos but hey, who cares if the screen is bouncing while I jam out — they still have audio right?

I believe it is impossible to go see G Love and Special Sauce and not be affected by their musical showmanship. Live music like this that translates to a full catalogue of albums spanning two decades has created an immensely loyal fan base. G Love draws the crowd in, gets them nice and comfy and then breaks it down like a master – making them beg for more.  Show after show, I see familiar faces.  A knowing nod and a beverage or two brings a bond to the front row that’s rare at any show. There’s something special about these Gents that goes beyond their sauce, like hot sauce (http://gloveshotsauce.com/).

Today, “Muse” with Citizen Cope was released on pastemagazine.com. From the sound of this track, Love Saves The Day is proving to be a rock n roll blues funk album that I will play till the grooves are worn thin.  It’s got horns, an addictive melody and that soulful delta blue rhythm that sings straight to my soul. Do yourself a favor: Go to a G. Love and Special Sauce show! You can’t help but be a fan after you see these three gents bring it like delta blue funk masters.


For more info on G. Love & The Special Sauce, visit http://philadelphonic.com/.

G. Love & The Special Sauce Cocoa Oktoberfest Preview by Brandy N. Munsell.
G. Love Feature Image by Adam Fricke.

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