first aid kit live review

I Kept All My Tears Inside at the First Aid Kit Show | First Aid Kit Live Review + Live Photos | The Beacham Orlando | November 4 2014

by • November 7, 2014

First Aid Kit has come a long way since singing Fleet Foxes songs in the woods. Three albums in, the band has proven it’s no flash in the pan gimmick. They’re here, they’re staying put, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

At First Aid Kit’s Orlando show earlier this week, the sisters came out draped in gold (it matches the name of their latest, ‘Stay Gold,’ see?), and had a sparkly gold backdrop to match. What’s more, though, the concert made me cry a whole lot. Big crocodile tears.

first aid kit live review

Okay, no it didn’t. But a quick Instagram hashtag search of the First Aid Kit name that night turned up a surprise discovery: Many were so happy to be there singing along and clapping their hands and all else that they were #crying. And when you can hold those emotions in no longer, perhaps it’s best you just let them out, even if you’re out for a nice night … with your friends … otherwise enjoying yourselves. Cry, baby, cry.

There was a time for a collective cry of joy, though. (How’s that for a segue?) That came when the band let on that they’d both recorded and toured with the unstoppable force that is Jack White himself. Covering—and remaining really pretty faithful to—his “Love Interruption” was an unexpected treat. For me, it was my favorite moment of the night, hands down.

Overall, the sound was pretty dynamic—I’d go so far as to say it was perfect. That fact was only amplified by these Swedish sisters sounding as impossibly good as they do together. You hear it on her albums, but you experience it in person. It’s been said that the sounds siblings can capture together while singing will always far outweigh those who, say, don’t happen to be related. (See Tegan & Sara.) Something about there being an extra layer of trust and understanding captured that’s not there otherwise. Whatever it is, Johanna & Klara Söderberg have it.

It’s why they were able to unplug, step away from their microphones and use nothing but their voices and a bit of acoustic guitar to silence the crowd (and get a lot to join them, too) for a couple numbers. Not many musicians can or would do that, which makes it all the more refreshing when they actually do.

Judging by how happy First Aid Kit made everyone who attended, chances are good they’ll be back. Soon, fingers crossed. Until then, they left a big impression this time around, tears or no tears.  #notcrying #stillnotcrying #nomoretears

Samantha Crain opened the show. She battled with less-than-great sound issues and an audience that seemed more apt to talk over her than listen, which led to some stops and starts. She even called them out on it. Still, she’s usually a powerhouse of a performer. Put her in the right setting and she takes no prisoners. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen to be one of those times. Maybe she’ll bring her full band back the next time and unleash some holy hell on those who’d rather be rude.

Want to know the truth? Okay, here’s some: I don’t own a single First Aid Kit album. After Tuesday night’s show, though, I’ll be changing that reality. I’m heading over to Park Ave CDs to make one of theirs all mine. Today, even. It’s the right thing to do.

First Aid Kit Live Review by Dainon Moody.

First Aid Kit Live Photos by Adam Fricke.



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