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TOP FIVE—things you can do at Hulaween (that aren’t music)

by • October 6, 2021

Suwannee Hulaween may seem all about the beats, bass lines, and big name acts. But the Spirit of Suwannee has features you shouldn’t overlook during your temporary residency here. The park and the people at this festival have plenty of pull. And while it’s all well and good for you to know about the music you are going to see (line up here), it’s worth noting there is much more than just crunchy tunes and bass drops to capture. So I present to you: Spencer’s TOP FIVE things you can do at Hulaween (that aren’t music)!

FIVE /// The Bat House

It’s located just past Spirit Lake in a large field. You can find it by walking straight through the intersection while leaving the music from the Amphitheater exit until you get to C camping. The Bat House will be on your left after the reserved power RV spots. The bats come and go in mass at dusk and dawn from one of the largest bat colonies in Florida, and it is a sight to see.  Thousands of bats heading out to take down the mosquitoes in the area is something to cheer about. Completed in ‘03 this extension of the Florida Bat Conservancy can hold an estimated 75,000 bats! One word of caution: they do tend to expel their waste when exiting the Bat House, so be careful standing too close and while looking up! 😉

FOUR /// Permaculture & Giveback Activities

Volunteer with the Spirit of Suwannee’s Green Team to give back to the music park you love so much. The Green Team is a group of dedicated volunteers and staff who work together to create sustainable events. Their mission is to reduce waste, divert recyclable and compostable materials from the landfill, create educational opportunities, and build a culture of sustainability. Aspiring to the goal of one day hosting zero-waste events and establishing the Park as a leader in sustainability practices among venues in the Southeast. Want to know what you can do to make your campsite more eco-friendly? Check out this informative article on Eco-friendly Camping here.

Suwannee Hulaween 2021 Things To Do

THREE /// Workshops & Healing Arts

Suwannee Hulaween isn’t just a place to play and be entertained, it can also be a place to learn and grow. Spirit Lake will host a number of workshops and classes for you to learn about things about yourself and about the huge planet around you. Whether it’s primal yoga, meditation, or even getting a massage this festival can fill your cup until it overflows with wellness. 

TWO /// Spirit Lake Art & Installations

There is a lot to see here. Art and multimedia sneak out from around every corner in this spooky Halloween playground. They use every square foot of space for interactive exhibits. They even occupy the surface of the lake with fire breathing flowers, a three dimensional projection onto lake mist, or a guy in a jet propelled LED light suit. Lights, projectors, projection mapping, precision landscaping, paintings, fire, lasers, and so much more. Plan to have hours to roam this awe-inspiring outdoor museum of art, day and night.

hulaween 2018 tree people photo

Suwannee Hulaween 2019 ⭐ October 25-27, 2019 ⭐ Spirit of Suwannee Music Park — Live Oak, FL ⭐ Photos by Carmelo Conte III —

ONE /// Suwannee Canoe Outpost

They have been holding down the title of original, premier Suwannee River canoe outfitter since ‘93. Reserve a group float down the Suwannee River for an all day or half day trip! It is an amazing way to connect with the natural Florida that is all around. Relax and achieve inner peace before heading back to camp and raging the night away! If you don’t want to do an all day trip, you can still just drive a bit farther down the road and enjoy the white sand beach along the Suwannee River. To make a reservation over the phone, call them at (386)364-4991.

Suwannee Hulaween is the pinnacle of music festivals. Not only in musical selection and prowess, but also in the abundance of activities. There is literally something for everyone at the park. Absolutely no excuse for having a bad time. If you don’t like what you’re doing, simply explore this huge adult utopia and find what suits you! Remember, Google Maps has this place mapped out, so if you need a map, just pinch to zoom.

Happy Hula!

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