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FOREIGN DESCENT | TOP 5 Foreign Must-Sees at The Fest in Gainesville | October 30-November 1, 2015

by • October 26, 2015

The wave of Fest acts is flowing into Florida, and the most anticipated are making their way across seas and borders. Make way for the foreign descent, or rather, as Orlando show organizer Craig Mazer has put it, Foreign Dissent 2.0. The sequel of foreign-exclusive bands arrives on Monday, October 26, which kicks off the Fest-ivities for many of us.

For fans of these acts, the last week of October is the opportunity to see our favorite performers for one time out of our whole year. Since traveling to the States is pricey, we’re fortunate to have so many talents visit if only for a brief stint of Festing. Meet my top 5 foreign acts, and don’t miss them in Orlando or at the Fest in Gainesville.


The owners of my heart are Astpai, an Austrian hardcore meets pop punk that has lead the charge for 14 years. It’s their sixth year at Fest and they’re known to kick off an American tour each year starting in either Tampa or Gainesville. This year, it’s Orlando at Foreign Dissent.

They’re often compared to the Replacements or A Wilhelm Scream, but they bring their own unique growling energy to a stage. Whether it’s gripping “Biting Dogs Don’t Chew” or “Honest or Sentimental,” I’m swept into an emotional roar with every performance.

Kamikaze Girls

Kamikaze Girls

The Leeds Riot Grrl two-piece are headed to the Fest for the first time this year. With fuzzy pop punk vibes mixed in with a mellow moody energy, Kamikaze Girls is a hooking quick-pace drum and guitar.

Their sound is an intricate indie punk with an anthem aesthetic. “Love & Other Subjects” belts out high emotions and demonstrates the utters stomp-ability of their performance.


The alluring Fest veterans descend with melodic, punching performance. The Ottawa act is the perfect blend of punk and black metal, balancing the line with anti-Christian thought matched by thoughtful energy.

Crusades is hypnotic, alluring, enigmatic. “The Signs of the Times” captured my heart and it’s been addiction since. For a rapid licking kicker hit, listen to “The Torchbearer.”

No Weather Talks

This summer, I fell for Hamburg heart-throbs No Weather Talks. Pop punk with a little bite, the band released their first debut album this summer that has dominated the scene. The 90s indie and post punk influence is immediately felt, and from early EPS to the present release, it’s clear the band has developed a unique, punching sound.

Guerilla Poubelle

Parisian hardcore. I heard the name Guerrilla Poubelle in mumbled conversation among punks, but it was true love after first listening to “Etre une femme.” Unfortunately, I do not speak French, but the growling, traditionally punk vibes are a universal language. Since 2003, the act has shredded the French punk scene and fortunately are making waves stateside. I’ll be opening my official Fest experience in Tampa with their set- and the anticipation is real.

TOP 5 Foreign Must-Sees at The Fest in Gainesville by Amanda Starling.

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