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Tigers Jaw Live Review & Concert Photos | The Social Orlando | May 1, 2015

by • May 4, 2015

Tigers Jaw weren’t ones for chatter once taking the Social stage. But the casual, confident smiles exchanged with the crowd showed plenty of love from the Scranton, Penn. band. After all, the hearts of the Orlando fans were theirs the moment they stepped up for tuning, much less the show itself.

Coy, bright, and bursting with energy, the passion between Tigers Jaw’s songs was a constant flow. In fact, I can’t name a song that the crowd wasn’t screaming along with throughout the hour-long set.

With three studio albums released, along with an extended list of EPs, dot the history of Tigers Jaw, but each release has always been memorable. The fronters and longest-standing members of the band, Brianna Collins and Ben Walsh, bring together a rich blend of indie-slam, and the emotion in their songs reverberates from performer to audience member in indescribable waves. It’s the devotion to their music that makes the band not only relevant but engaging almost 10 years after their debut.

Indie-pop romp and a slice of post hardcore roared in smashing hit, “I Saw Water.” It’s impossible to stand still during a Tigers Jaw performance, and instead you’re compelled to express movement that matches the rawness of each lyric, of each potent smash of the drums. Even a slower jam, “Chemicals,” ripped with an alluring potency that their recorded track does no justice for. Everything about Tigers Jaw tears better live.

Which can also be said for three-piece Lemuria, too. If there were an award for most chemistry on stage, it might have to go to the Buffalo indie punk outfit, Lemuria. Since 2004, Sheena Ozzella and Alex Kerns have pulled at the heartstrings of fans globally, later bringing on bassist Max Gregor for the culmination of what defines a well-attuned, smashing performance. Favorites were still ever-loved “Lipstick” and “Pants” off 2008 release, Get Better, but Lemuria’s set picks were unforgettable, much like majority of their music career. Their 2013 release, The Distance Is So Big, is no exception.

In fact, it was impossible to forget any of the performers on this tour. Boston-bred Somos lit the stage from the start, in both their Orlando performance and 2012 demo as a band. If anything, you’d be “Dead Wrong” for not loving the live renditions of their music; the weaving complexity, building up to a smash in the performances of “Familiar Theme” and “Temple of Plenty” were grounding, tying together intricate layers in the band’s musicianship.

Stage presence and chemistry defined the tour that strung together performers Tigers Jaw, Lemuria, and Somos in a sweeping, electric evening. The ambient energy of the Social was highly potent each time one of the bands took the stage, capturing and reinventing the vitality in both their performances.

Tigers Jaw Live Review by Amanda Starling (with some help from Soorya).



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