The Weeks Live Review

The Weeks Live Review | Backbooth, Orlando, FL | October 21, 2016

by • November 7, 2016

The Weeks returned to Florida after three years away to play BackBooth in Orlando on Friday, October 21. I was lucky enough to catch them back in July at the Bragg Jam in Macon, GA and did an interview with Cyle Barnes (lead singer) and Sam Williams (lead guitarist). Damien Bone, The Week’s bassist, recognized me right off at BackBooth while manning the merch table by the door. He lamented that while Sam and Cyle got to sit down to do the interview, he was lugging equipment to the stage for their show later that night. Talking with Damien reminded me how down to earth and pleasant these guys are. They really couldn’t be a nicer group of long-haired, rock ‘n roll geniuses, which is why I jumped at the chance to see them again.

Opening for the Weeks was SIGT’s very own Mitch Foster and Chad Pearce with their band Likeways. He laid down danceable beats on his drum kit while Chad set the mood with melancholic notes and sang of love and loss. The upbeat drums and moody guitar offset each other nicely to create a mercurial groove.

The Weeks opened with their song “House That We Grew Up In” to kick off the dance party in the crowd. They moved through more signature songs like “Brother in the Night,” while Cyle rolled his eyes in his signature expressive way with the rest of the band bouncing around on the stage. During “Buttons,” Sam and Cyle kissed each other after the line “She kissed my lips and quickly ran away.” Damien even stooped to kiss Cain Barnes behind his drumset. Poor Johny Fisher (guitarist) was left loveless. They also played some new songs from their album which is coming out soon. I can’t wait to get my grubby little fingers on that one.

Orlando showed The Weeks that they need to come to Florida more often, calling for an encore after their set, which the band was happy to oblige. (I wish I could remember what song they played!) They had as much fun on stage together as the crowd did dancing and singing along. It is obvious that after 10 years of playing together the band enjoys it as much now as ever.

After the show, I got to ask Cyle a question about their song “Brother in the Night” that I forgot to ask when I interviewed them back in July.

“Do you and your brother really carry knives inside your boots?”

“I did until I got in trouble for it in New York,” Cyle replied, “because a cop wanted to arrest me for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. So I moved the knife to my hip.” He showed me where it is now looped to his belt and added that “I have it tied down really well because I’m afraid that when I go crowd surfing that I might stab someone with it.” Unfortunately for the crowd at BackBooth, Cyle didn’t surf us that night.


The Weeks Live Review by Claire Sevigny, edited by Matthew Weller.

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