Sunny Day Real Estate Giveaway 2022

GIVEAWAY — Sunny Day Real Estate w/ The Appleseed Cast at HoB Orlando (Sep 22)

by • August 24, 2022

One of the biggest surprise reunions of the past 10 years is coming through the House of Blues Orlando! Emo forefathers (and legends) Sunny Day Real Estate are making a triumphant comeback on September 22, 2022. Coming along to the party is another emo legend, The Appleseed Cast. GET TICKETS HERE!

Sunny Day Real Estate Concert Tickets Orlando 2022

Sunny Day Real Estate Concert Tickets Orlando 2022

Forming back in 1992 in (my hometown) of Seattle, Sunny Day Real Estate (SDRE) was able to bring second wave emo closer to the “mainstream” by riding the Pacific Northwest grunge wave to become one the most enduring yet enigmatic bands to make it out of the scene. Their debut album, Diary, is one of the top selling albums from legendary mega-indie label Sub Pop, and while the band initially broke up during the recording of it, LP2, or The Pink Album, in 1995, they reformed 3 years later to release two more albums, How It Feels to Be Something On in 1998 and The Rising Tide in 2000. This new tour will be their first one since 2014, and will include original members Jeremy Enigk, William Goldsmith, and Dan Hoerner.

To call SDRE an emo band is both true yet a disservice to the breadth of sound that they produce. They do have a lot of similarities to the Midwest emo sound that they are associated with, but they also incorporated a lot of the PNW grunge sound as well, with heavy breakdowns a plenty. Time signature changes, lots of guitar tapping, and the dual vocals of Hoerner’s more heavy, hardcore voice interchanging with Enigk’s higher, cleaner notes, on top a phenomenal rhythm section headlined by two future Foo Fighters in William Goldsmith and Nate Mendel. Here’s a couple of my favorite tunes!

And here’s a cool old 120 Minutes video of them back in ‘94 (it starts kicking in at 1:13).

Visionary bands like Sunny Day Real Estate don’t get back together very often, and with The Appleseed Cast in tow, this show should be both nostalgic and new! If you haven’t already bought your tickets, GET TICKETS HERE and enter for a chance to win some below! If you win, bring some friends! In a time and era with other Midwest emo bands getting back together, from Mineral to American Football, Sunny Day Real Estate has always been my white whale, and promises to be an absolutely fantastic show! I’ll see you there 😉







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Sunny Day Real Estate Flyer Orlando 2022

Sunny Day Real Estate Flyer Orlando 2022

Sunny Day Real Estate Ticket Giveaway Orlando 2022 Preview by Garrett.




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