Snarky Puppy | Coming to Irving Plaza, NYC | Friday & Saturday, December 30 & 31, 2016

by • December 21, 2016

All in favor of having your heads opened wide, raise your hands. Keep them raised. Snarky Puppy is prepared to blow your mind. They’ll be closing out this year and doing that voodoo they do so well on December 30 and 31 at Irving Plaza in NYC. To borrow a line from their bio, the band is “a different kind of musical animal,” but if we’re being completely honest? They’re more of a beast than anything else.


They’re the kind of dominating musical force that seizes you before you quite know what’s happening, shakes you up violently, and leaves you dazed and confused, wondering what you just experienced. And that’s a good/great/amazing thing. For the uninitiated, they’re instrumentalists. They’re horn blowers and keyboard players. They’re guitar players and headphone wearers. They’re drum players and head nodders and magic makers. And they jam. They jam so hard. It’s why they’ve toured all across the world and why many in the band still perform regularly with the likes of Erykah Badu, Snoop Dogg, and Justin Timberlake.

Snarky Puppy’s been called a musician’s band, and with absolutely good reason. Musicians are quick to respect just how tight they are and just how well they blend so many different sounds together. As for the rest of us? We can appreciate the hell out of them too.


Want to get your quick fix? Want to become an instant fan in just over 10 minutes? Watch them doing “Lingus.” It’s going to make you want more, more, more.

Snarky Puppy Preview by Dainon. Edited by Kristen Burns.

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