Shawn Mullins Live Review 2016

Shawn Mullins Live Review “A Lullaby for ‘My Stupid Heart’ “| Adelphi Performing Arts Center, Garden City, NY | Friday, April 8th, 2016

by • April 12, 2016

Shawn Mullins’ voice is like Creme Brûlée … dark and sugar coated, yet warm and silky. Shawn is the ultimate storyteller — each of his songs express emotions that connect vividly with particular places and times. This was an up close and intimate show at the Adelphi Performing Arts Center in Garden City, NY.

From his new album, My Stupid Heart, a few favorites were, the poignant “Sunshine,” an optimistic take on a homeless man and his past love who shines a ray of light into his life, and the album title track, “My Stupid Heart” (we all have one so everyone can relate and indulge).

The standout single for sure is “Pre-Apocalyptic Blues” with its snarky hysterical take on the end of the world (zombies and guns included!). A definite download for any playlist. 

Shawn treated the crowd to old favorites, like the seductive “Light You Up,” which was beyond amazing live, and his best-known song, “Lullaby.” Overall, my evening with Shawn Mullins was a perfect concert to relax and be entertained to.

Shawn Mullins Live Review by Elizabeth Foster, edited by Mitch Foster.

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