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by • June 5, 2017

Scene and Herd by Doug “Igoto” Dresher 



Sometimes the buffer is bigger than the card!

Here are some photographs and quick thoughts on a few shows I had the opportunity to attend.  While I truly intended to do full write-ups of each, I just ran out of memory.  

So here are photographs and quick overviews of some great shows I’ve had the opportunity to see!

Animal Masks

Ron Day has been a fixture in the New Jersey music scene for a very long time – but now he’s in the band and not just a spectator.

Emotionally raw lyrics with a strong rhythm section in Dave DeCastro and Dan Zachary. 

Think Firehose while wearing comfortable shoes to stare at.

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Gogol Bordello

This band deserves much more than this short review.

Gypsy punk and politically charged.  At first it is hard to tell if this is parody or sincere – but believe me – this is the real stuff.

Exciting live show, fun, from raga to klezmer and everything in between.

You’d better study though, there will be a quiz on post-glasnost politics and Europe in the time of Twitter.

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In the Whale


An unexpected treat found opening for another band at The Stone Pony.  

I’m not usually a fan of the two-piece no bass thing – but they pull it off.  

Old-school heavy, perhaps a little like Superheaven – no, I’ve changed my mind, a little like George Thorogood. – No not that either.  Just take a listen.

Worth the investment.

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Seductive with smooth reverb.  Shy music for people who need to explore.  You want to stare, but don’t want to be caught staring.  A good sway gets you in the mood, but be prepared to think about what she just sang.


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Nashville Pussy

Vulgar, loud, and relating to the most common elements of the urge to reproduce and drink.  What you see is what you get – Rock N Roll – with sweat and humbuckers.  Most of their fans may have voted Trump – but for a good reason.

Be ready to wash after – you’ll enjoy this, just don’t think too much.

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The Feelies

This is the venerable Ne Jersey band who have defined DIY and generational rebirth.  They are as good as their reputation.  Jangly and melodic – they start slow and burn at an exponential rate.  

They represent all that can be good in independent music – defined the language of college rock, created the Hoboken sound, and then went back to their day jobs.

Head blown.

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More soon!


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