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Shows I Go To Photobooth At Record Store Day 2017! + Free PBR* | Park Ave CDs | Saturday, April 22, 2017, 8am!

by • April 19, 2017

My sister is pedaling hard. The wind from her efforts ripple my chubby cheeks and I start laughing maniacally. Wicked Witch of The West. The old metal elliptical machine creaks with the excitement of feeling useful again. It’s not a particularly hot day in Baltimore County but my Grandparents basement is still better than being outside. There’s mysteries afoot in here. My laughter spills me into an old wooden furnishing and the sound of scratching lets me know I’m in trouble. The sound alerts my Pe-Pop, and with more patience than I deserve, he carefully places the needle back on the body.

I wish I could remember what song played. I wish I could tell you it was Buddy Holly or Frank Sinatra’s signature croon. I can tell you that what followed was boundless movement and joyous dancing, (even if my Dad was not as coordinated anymore as his second grade teacher told him he once was).

This was my first memory of listening to a record.

Once a year us music geeks are allowed to nerd out even more than usual. Record Store Day is for the musical sleuth in all of us. It’s the chance to scour the shelves for the obscure, the favorite, the unheard, and of course, all hail, the special release vinyl. You put back that signed edition of Run The Jewels 3 and leave a tear stained Death Cab for Cutie album in the basket all year round so you can splurge (TF)out this one day a year. It’s time. And Park Ave CD’s is the place.

Orlando would be so lonely without the Record & CD store on the corner of Virginia Drive. Proud home of the weird, land of the displaced.

They’re no newbies to the game. Their system is simple; come early, come prepared, and have a dang good time.

Peep their official Survival Guide!!(:


It is likely that your wait time could breach over an hour to get in the store (because they only let a certain amount of people in at a time, praise hands emoji,) but nary should you fret; your favorite online magazine weirdos will be there to keep you company.

Shows I Go To Staff

Record Store Day 2016. What shenanigans will we get into this year?!

Shows I Go To will have a Record Store Day booth equipped with a PHOTOBOOTH, merch, bad jokes, and your chance to win tickets to shows that you want to go to! Come meet the Shows I Go To Team!

FIRST 100 people get a FREE PBR! 🙂

Pabst Blue Ribbon FREE

Of course, we won’t be the only ones present; Park Ave CD’s does an incredible job of stacking a lineup full of Orlando eats, charities, and more to keep your anxious, shaking Doc Martens’ at bay.

Peep their official Survival Guide!!(:


Whether you’re camping out the night before, braving the afternoon sun, or lurking at close to thumb through ’til your hearts content, we will see you there! Shine, rain, hurricane, hefty winds; Shows I Go To will be there from 8:00am to 7:00pm and we would love to see your little beautiful faces. <3

Records nourish that little bastard monster in our belly who feeds on nostalgia. Whose furry (I imagine) paws and tailored nails scratch at our insides until we give it due memories to nosh. The monster loves vinyl. It slows us. We are bound to one spot to listen. Listening to a record all the way through is an experience. It brings us out of an otherwise chaotic world. A world clusterfucked with Facebook videos of cats, your neighbor who always happens to be on his balcony the same time you are stretching on yours, bad news on the T.V., good news on the T.V., nights drenched in booze, days hazed out in clouds of smoke, smoke dreams to fall asleep, never actually getting sleep, letting your friends down, puppies in the park, growing your hair out, pulling your hair out, finally settling into your skin for two minutes and then realizing you forgot something. The cycle repeats…..until we screech the show, halt our hearts, and listen carefully to the rhythm pounding against our bones. The rhythm tapped out by the monster and put to sleep by the music we feed it. 

Come slow down your world this Record Store Day. Everything’s gonna be alright.

Shows I Go To At Record Store Day 2017 by Sarah Schumaker

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