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PREVIEW: The Drums w/ Hoops | The Social, Orlando, FL | Thursday, November 30, 3017

by • November 6, 2017

The Drums feed my dark voice. It eats enough from my own gluttony but something about Jonny Pierces’ twisted side delves me deeper into the dark place. It’s fucking wonderful.

Abysmal Thoughts was Pierce emerging from new lows and discovering happiness is not an ultimatum, it is a new cliff to edge from. Possibly even more dangerous than the valleys. The Drums make feeling sad a fun occasion with airy ‘oo’s‘ and straight up electric drums and unforgettable rhythms, bound to echo in your brain for days. 

Equal parts synth, guitar, and his patented drum machine, Pierce pieced together every feeling which had trapped him over the past year or so. The Social is an incredible space for this album to take shape. And the opening act is even more reason to be at this show.

Hoops. Say the name now and say it loud. You will not forget these guys soon.

You try to get as close as you can to what you have in mind, but you invariably fuck up along the way. But sometimes the fuck-ups are what make the songs.”

-Keegan Beresford (guitarist)

The above quote describes the work ethic and heartfelt intention of the Indiana quartet, comprised of lead vocals Drew Auscherman, guitarist Keagan Beresford, bassist Kevin Krauter, and drummer James Allen, who have been making music since 2011. Everything before and after their self-titled EP and Routines (Fat Possum Records) has been trial and error in various members’ basements.

They find solace among dreamy lo-fi, fuzz pedals with just enough gain to rattle your ribs, and jagged words which are oddly comfortable. However, catchy melodies are skillfully woven over air popped rhythms, timed perfectly to hit you when you think you’ve lulled yourself into security. Hoops continue to grow into their creative partnership as a band. Each member brings their voice to the forefront at some point helping to give clarity to the chaos of their collective genius as songwriters.

The Drums and Hoops are an unmissable pair.

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PREVIEW: The Drums w/ Hoops | The Beacham, Orlando, FL by Sarah Schumaker. Edited by Richie.

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