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Shows I Go To Podcast Episode 9 | Foo Fighters 20th Anniversary of “Foo Fighters” + Big Ass Warped Tour Recap!

by • July 9, 2015

Welcome to the Shows I Go To Podcast! 

Episode 9 is all about the Foo. Foo Fighters’ self titled album just recently celebrated its 20th anniversary! It’s no surprise that we’re Dave Grohl-obsessed and we pay homage to the Foo Fighters by featuring them as our Musical Guest of the week.

Foo Fighters Album

On “Shit You Need To Know” we have a big ass recap of Warped Tour with Garrett East and Say Anything with Mitchel Foster.

We have a super sentimental “Weird Ass Band Names!” At least from Rebecca.

We also decided to incorporate playlists by Episode on the post each week. If you have Spotify, follow it!

Don’t forget If you are a musician and you want to be on the SIGT podcast, email rebecca@showsigoto.comright now!

Special Musical Shoutouts To: Foo Fighters for being god-like and influential creatures of the musicial world, inspiring all of us at SIGT and hopefully one day giving us an epic exclusive private concert because you realize you love us too.

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Shows I Go To – Shows I Go To Episode 9

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