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Shows I Go To Podcast | Episode 15 | WE F*CKING LOVE BRAND NEW! + Party Bus to Incubus Recap and a Sweet Little Video :)

by • August 20, 2015

Welcome to the Shows I Go To Podcast!

We’re super excited about our musical guest this week, Brand New!!!!!!! They are hugely influential in the current emo/alt rock/prog rock scene. They are also a dear favorite of most of the SIGT staff. We’re literally obsessed. Listen to this episode and come down from the Brand New showover (show hangover) with us, you are not alone.

Also check out the magical roadtrip video that we made documenting the entirety of our trek to Cooperstown, NY to see the show! Here: > > >  Brand New Road Trip

On “Shit You Need To Know” we recap Incubus (again, this time from FL! with a SIGT team party bus, yes there was a stripper pole and some male nudity), and we recap the shit out of Brand New, The Front Bottoms, Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band at Ommegang Brewery in upstate New York.





“Weird Ass Band Names” features a couple of bands that are actually playing a show in Brooklyn, NY September 12th! Check it out!


We decided to incorporate playlists by Episode each week. If you have Spotify, follow it!

Don’t forget If you are a musician and you want to be on the SIGT podcast, email rebecca@showsigoto.comright now!

Special Shoutout to our sponsors House of Blues Orlando and Hard Rock Orlando! Catch some sponsored Ads from them along with upcoming shows throughout each episode.

Special Musical Shoutouts To: BRAND NEW for epic writing, playing, sound, jamming, singing, dancing, lighting production—-bringing full blown passion to the whole goddamn stage every time they step upon it and making us want more more more more more more more infinity more.

IncuBUS photos by Adam Fricke.

Shows I Go To – Shows I Go To Episode 15

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