GIVEAWAY — Peaches — ‘Teaches Of Peaches’ 20th Anniversary show at Plaza Live Orlando (Aug 29)

by • July 27, 2022

Orlando! Y’all are nowhere near naughty enough these days. Luckily for you, school is going to be in session soon over at The Plaza Live on Monday, August 29th, and you will be getting lectured by one of the best. Her name is Peaches!  She is coming to town with her absurd, highly-sexual punk/electro/rock music which exploded all over the early ’00s, so you better get your earholes ready for the “Teaches Of Peaches 20th Anniversary” tour! It’s going to be one loud, wet, raucous time! GET TICKETS HERE!

Peaches Concert Orlando Tickets 2022

Peaches Concert Orlando Tickets 2022

Every so often, I get to write about someone that absolutely impacted my life in a major way, and strangely, Peaches is one of those artists. I first heard the teaches of Peaches back when I saw Jackass Number Two (2006?! Dang I’m old) in theatres and they featured the seminal song, “Fuck the Pain Away” during one of the scenes involving Johnny Knoxville and Spike Jonze done-up like old folks, acting completely inappropriate/hilarious, of course, and having that song as the background music just put the absolute cherry on top of the scene. After finding this music video online (see below), I was hooked on this dirty nasty electro music that Peaches was putting out. (Also, Dave Grohl covered this during quarantine, worth a watch here.)

Well, Peaches is celebrating being a teacher now for 20 years, having come up from a couple of different musical groups, including the punk-rock band, the Shit, before finding her own in the electroclash genre. What’s electroclash, you ask? Imagine being at a groovy house show, when all of a sudden, Ice T and Body Count show up and decide to add to the sound! It’s an amazing amalgamation of electronic beats, lyrics that can be delivered in a variety of ways, and instrumentation that could cause a mosh pit! Very high energy, and ever so much fun live, which is where Peaches is at her best! But while her music is so much fun, it’s definitely the raunchiness of her lyrics that really get the spotlight. Full of entendre, explicit language, and over the top subject matter, it’s on par with a Bob Saget comedy show (RIP).

So if you’ve never had a chance to experience a Peaches show, or you’re just in need of a refresher course, snag a ticket down below and get ready for a class that’s going to get so hot and heavy, you’ll think you just left a PE class led by the sex-ed teacher. “The Teaches of Peaches” tour is going to remind everyone how to get naughty and empower themselves at the same time! GET TICKETS HERE! or Enter to win a pair below!!




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Peaches Tickets Orlando 2022

Peaches Tickets Orlando 2022

Peaches Tickets Orlando 2022 Preview by Garrett East.

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