This Year’s Best Dance Party: Nora En Pure Live Review & Interview | The Social, Orlando, FL | July 8, 2016

by • September 19, 2016

FoxForce005 was spinning when I walked through the door. The house was deep. So, so lusciously deep. But it was more than that. The sprinkling of drum ‘n bass on top of the loosely hip-hop-derived beats spawned a forceful compulsion towards gettin’ down. Stepping into the show, it was an immediate (and welcomed) respite from the outside world. It was like passing through the StarGate. The pulse of the frequently changing rhythm dictated the style of dance elicited from those free enough to indulge in it.

Many were feeling free that evening, and rightfully so. FoxForce005 (Alexandra Goodman) was serving up a hot plate of get-down and everyone was eating heartily. And that’s one of the great things about going to a show at The Social: no matter what genre(s) the artist is performing that evening, they’re going to have a crowd full of people that are as into that moment as you are. Are you there to dance? Everybody else is too. No judgment: do your thing. Embrace it even. Make it yours.

Alex had united the room by keeping the vibes deep and decadent, and thankfully the energy never fizzled or lulled like I’ve experienced at many a house/DJ show. [There’s nothing worse than when the room is bangin’ and the deejay just destroys the vibe with an ill-fated attempt at redirection or a weak transition.]


The room was kept in the moment by Nora en Pure joining FoxForce005 for the end of her set, keeping the party in full effect and allowing her to receive a nurturing embrace from a city that gives its musical heart to those worthy. The two continued working together for probably a handful of transitions before Nora had the room to herself.

She wasted no time controlling it. The indie dance/deep house superstar hails from South Africa via Switzerland, and the evidence of her life-experience and cultural diversification shows splendidly in her mix. Which is one thing I love about good house: it itself moves. It moves like a person. It uses sounds, rhythms, melodies, and beats from all over the world, frequently simultaneously, to make a room dance. The music itself keeps moving so that the crowd can keep moving. Yes, a great groove gets its time to shine, but then its time to advance on to the next one. The trick is finding that fine line between fulfillment and overindulgence. Nora en Pure has mastered this craft.

One of the things that struck me quickly during her set was how immersed the crowd was in the moment. I go to many, many shows. More than even most regular concert-goers. I watch crowds interact with the artists a lot, as I feel those interactions reflect intuitively on the artist. This crowd was all dancing, together. Whatever these people experienced in life that day, they had left it at the door. Time to heal the wounds of the world. Like I said: StarGate.

Nora en Pure’s set lasted roughly an hour and a half or so. I wasn’t paying attention to the time truthfully. Like everyone else, I was just letting the luscious sound of thumping low-end bass frequency dictate my personal state of dance. (There really is something quite mesmerizing about really, really loud bass beats. The displacement of air actually moves your body whether you like it or not. You feel it in your organs.) During this ride, there was something for everyone. Uptempo, downtempo; breakbeat; DEEEEEEEP house. If you were there, you got what you wanted at some point in the vibe.

Once the music stopped, I definitely noticed what I like to call a “music buzz.” It’s that euphoria you get when you have a musical experience that is unique enough that you’ll always remember it. Simultaneously the experience cleanses and energizes. Dopamine.

After the show, I was fortunate enough to exchange a few words with Nora en Pure …

Shows I Go To: I had an absolutely awesome time at your show at The Social on Friday! What a great set! How do you design/put a set together? Can you explain the process?

Nora en Pure: Thanks! I had a lot of fun playing there. What an incredible vibe! I honestly don’t plan too much, as every crowd is different, and you can get a pretty good feeling early on what kind of tracks to select. I, of course, like to include my own original works which bring my signature sound out and people know the tracks so its a lot of fun.

SIGT: You kept the audience in your hand the whole show. What is your objective for the audience experience at your shows? Where are you trying to take the listener?

NeP: I want to take them on a journey with me of my favorite tracks, which all showcase my Purified sound. This was a really special show, as everyone was so energetic!

SIGT: What brought you into this world of DJing? Could you share with us how you got started on this path?

NeP: I have always been very involved musically, but when I was studying in Zurich, Switzerland, some of my friends had a studio and they introduced me to producing electronic music! I was blown away by how much musical freedom you have and I got hooked almost right away, but it took a long time to get a solid following.

SIGT: Our readers really enjoy getting to know the artists we interview on a more personal level. Tell us something about Nora that most people don’t know. The more interesting the facts, the better.

NeP: Well, my name is not Nora. My name is Daniela and I am South African but have lived in Switzerland for a long time now. Also when playing I have a huge urge to get rid of my shoes … just makes me feel more comfy.

SIGT: What are your favorite things to do for fun outside of DJing?

NeP: I love photography! Seeing as I am so busy with touring these days, my most important and favorite thing to do in my free time is spend time with my family.

SIGT: Have there been any real-life challenges or obstacles for you as a woman in a largely male-dominated industry? Or has it been the opposite, that being a female hasn’t really affected you negatively in any way?

NeP: Not really. I think if you are passionate and you dedicate yourself to what you do, the gender doesn’t play a role or at least it shouldn’t. Overall I don’t think I have any disadvantages or advantages.

SIGT: As musicians, we are all influenced by outside artists in different ways. Are there any artists that are currently driving your creativity?

NeP: The constant traveling certainly has its impact. I love to get inspired by the different sounds around the world and of course I also adapt my sets a little to what I feel is big in that country. Otherwise, I am surrounded by a cool team, the helveticnerds who are all super creative DJs & producers and we kind of try to carry the helveticnerd sound out into the world with heavy but warm baselines and summery soft synths.

Live Review & Interview by Josh Jauz. Edited by Austin Young.


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