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GIVEAWAY — Green Day Tribute + No Doubt Tribute (+Interview!) at HOB Orlando (Jan 13)

by • December 13, 2022

Punk is taking over once again! Do not miss your chance to see the tour blasting it’s way through the US, “When We Were Punk ’23” featuring building-burning performances from The American Idiots – Green Day Tribute, Subliminal Doubt – A Tribute to No Doubt, and Time Bombed – Rancid Tribute at the House of Blues Orlando on Friday, January 13th, 2023! GET TICKETS HERE!

Green Day Tribute Orlando 2023 No Doubt Tribute

Green Day Tribute Orlando 2023 No Doubt Tribute

Hailing from Florida’s jewel to the west, Tampa Bay, American Idiots are ready to play all your hits, deep cuts, and head bangers from the band we all know and love. From Dookie, to Insomniac and Nimrod, the band puts it best when they say, “We aim to bring a show that is truly reverent to the live show that Green Day puts on. Whether you’ve seen the real deal a hundred times, or you’ve never seen Green Day at all, this is truly a show you’re not gonna wanna miss when it comes to your city.” Believe it or not, they are actually the world’s one and only 5 piece Green Day tribute band. With the sound and energy they bring to the stage, they aren’t just paying tribute to Green Day, they’re living it!

Also headlining this show: Orlando’s own Subliminal Doubt. Personally, No Doubt is just one of those groups that no one has anything bad to say against them. Everyone loves jamming out to songs like “Underneath It All” or “Just A Girl.” If loving No Doubt is illegal, then put me away for life! I’m sure Subliminal Doubt would agree with me on that one. Regardless, when Subliminal Doubt and their spot on Gwen Stefani lead-singer go up on stage, they are guaranteed to bring the heat!

As part of any rocker’s listening history, I think we can all agree that No Doubt and Green Day are two special bands. And Rancid is are synonymous with P-U-N-K. What better way to celebrate the music we all love than by coming out to see the folks that love it enough to perform it for us! Don’t forget, Friday, January 13th at the House of Blues in Orlando!



Interview with Gwen Stefani of Subliminal Doubt: 

SIGT: Where, how, and when did this group begin?

Subliminal Doubt: Monica aka “Fake Gwen” here. We formed in 2017, here in Orlando. I had already been performing as “Gwen” solo for a few years and was supposed to be performing in a showcase at the Tin Roof as part of the Sunburst Convention of Celebrity Impersonators and Tribute Artists. Within that same year I had started dating Jonathan, who is a very accomplished musicians that knows many other accomplished musicians, and I asked if we could get some people together to perform the songs live. When he approached the Tin Roof GM about it, it turned out No Doubt was his favorite band. He said, no way, you need your own night. Boom. Gig booked before we even had a band! The guitar player we recruited had been working with Maximum Bands, a major Tribute Band agency, for many years and once he filled him in on the project, things really took off from there.

SIGT: Why No Doubt? Why not Hole, or The Cranberries? What does No Doubt say to you as a fan of their music?

SD: Well… Hole is Hole… Sometimes we’re asked to fill two hours and, no disrespect to Courtney Love, they don’t have enough commercial hits to hold a crowd. As far as the Cranberries, Dolores O’Riordan has SUCH a distinctive voice, I could never give her the homage she deserves. We do play Dreams during regular cover band gigs but Jonathan sings the lead! So why No Doubt? Tragic Kingdom was such a prolific album in the 90’s, I don’t think it left my tape player (totally dating myself) for the rest of ‘95 once it was released and most of ‘96. I spent so much time singing along to it at a very developmental age that now replicating Gwen’s voice comes naturally to me. At least, this is my theory. Really, of any females singer, she is who I can recreate the closest which makes it possible to put on a good show. Plus, so much of their music is so fun.

SIGT: Well you clearly know Green Day and Rancid, but word on the street is, you also know Debbie Harry and the guys from Blondie. Care to tell us about that?

SD: Sometimes venues want to have more than one act but have a limited budget. If a tribute band can offer multiple acts, it increases their value immensely. After we had our No Doubt show solidly established, we started brain storming on what other band would make a good pairing. A friend suggested that we could pull off Blondie after seeing our first show at House of Blues and the lightbulb went off. Debbie Harry was a major influence for Gwen Stefani and Gwen has covered Blondie songs several times both with No Doubt and in her solo show. Playing Blondie has been way more fun than I think any of us expected and we now have people that are more fans of that band than our No Doubt band.

SIGT: Any future plans? Maybe another tour in the works? Where can we see you guys next?

SD: Up next is our double whammy weekend with the combo show (Tributes to Rancid, Green Day and us) at House of Blues on January 13th and then Revolution Live in Ft. Lauderdale the next day. After that, we have a few shows lined up, including the Tampa Riverfest on May 5th. We are trying to head out to Southern California later in the year with our pals Blink 180-True, hopefully that works out. I do have to say that we are all incredibly excited to be back at House of Blues. It’s been four years since our last show there and we’ve come such a long way. Since it’s been named “When We Were Punk” it’s the perfect opportunity to pull out some older songs that we don’t normally play. It’s going to be epic!







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Green Day Tribute Orlando 2023 No Doubt Tribute Story

Green Day Tribute Orlando 2023 No Doubt Tribute Story

Green Day Tribute No Doubt Tribute Orlando 2023 Ticket Giveaway + Preview by Jacob.

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