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NEW MUSIC MONDAY: Debt Neglector “Go Fund Yourself”

by • October 1, 2018

Have Debt Neglector ever been shy?

Their latest punk cry “Go Fund Yourself,” unravels the woes of our dystopian healthcare system in a blazing quip of a track. Coming in in a hot minute and 39 seconds, “Go Fund Yourself” is the second taste from their new record, The Kids Are Pissed.

The Kids Are Pissed will be released October 26th on local Orlando label SmartPunk Records.

Pre-order your copy below and get a headstart on the all the goodness ahead of you.

Pre-order Debt Neglector’s new album ‘The Kids Are Pissed’!

From early childhood, government propaganda and societal “norms” are burned in our brains. Ideas of what is best for us are spoon fed with sugar to sweeten the bullshit on the way down. Debt Neglector’s first song off the new EP, “New White Roses” touches on this in the Orlando group’s classic outspoken fashion.

We need a lesson in dissent / So that the people don’t forget that it’s / Not okay to normalize this shit /And when the leaflets start to fall / We owe it to them all to have / Our eyes and ears are open wide.”


We are lucky to have these four guys pushing the boundary and having a great time while doing it. This new record represents a new era for Debt Neglector. They’ve flourished in sound with this new track, giving us fast, in your face punk melodies with nervy lyrics to match.

Alex, Chris, Zach, and Matt weren’t kidding when they said their interests were,

…complaining about the evils of the capitalistic systems that are destroying our society, healthcare, and quality of life.”

“Go Fund Yourself” is a pertinent anthem for the bewildering times we’re living through, now. Debt Neglector are speaking up, and we’re listening.


 Listen to Debt Neglector’s “Go Fund Yourself”


“They say we can’t afford it
Better ration your insulin or you’ll get screwed again
Hope you don’t need prescriptions
Or find a way to get imported medicine
Don’t you know we’ve got a big surplus of bombs
And kids with cancer bankrupting their dads and moms?
Go fund yourself
Go fuck yourself
What now? There’s no one left who
Who’s gonna watch as you indie-a-go-go dance
Decide if you’re worthy (if you’re worthy)
You have to sit and beg with your hat in your hands”


  • Scared of U.S.
  • Go Fund Yourself
  • Wrong Side
  • New White Roses
  • R.P.F.O.
  • The Kids Are Pissed


The Kids Are Pissed will be released October 26th on local Orlando label SmartPunk Records.

Pre-order Debt Neglector’s new album ‘The Kids Are Pissed’!


New Music Monday: Debt Neglector by Sarah Schu.

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