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LOST REVIEW: Stevie Nicks | Amalie Arena, Tampa, FL | November 2, 2016

by • January 9, 2017


We here at Shows I Go To apologize. Sometimes, we get too drunk, stoned, excited, sweaty, smelly or just too fucking busy. While our brains (until soggy with whiskey,) remind us to snap a picture at the show, record a snapchat or write a review hastily etc… Our hearts remind us to put our phones down and dance our cute little butts off. As journalists, it’s important to carefully balance the head and the heart. That balance allows a reviewer to personally get the most out of a show, while still being able to encapsulate the performance and pass it on to the masses. Music is our passion; from Slayer to Bieber (we somehow employ fans of both.) We want to bring you to your favorite artist’s show through our glazed over, bloodshot eyes. 

 We are so honored and extremely privileged to be working with and involved with so many amazing people, bands, venues, and corporations. There are many vessels that have granted us opportunities in the world of music many of us could never have dreamed of.   We realize whole-heartedly that we are lucky to be doing what we do, and strive to do so more efficiently. So, here’s to all the shows we had too good of a time at, to all the shows which were literally indescribable, and to all the shows which came exactly when we needed them. Thanks to all the incredible artists who create these escapes. We are eternally grateful to the beautiful artists and people who we are so lucky to meet along the way. 2016 was a big year for Shows I Go To, including a ton of giveaways, interviews, reviews and even a fucking documentary. So please forgive us for forgetting, binge drinking, and working our asses off, but these are the Shows I Go To 2016 LOST REVIEWS. Please enjoy (at your own risk.)




The queen of Rock n’ Roll, Ms. Stevie Nicks, is back on tour, and yes, she still has it.  It seems like a stock question to ask about an aging rock star,

Oh but did she still have it?”


but was it as good as it used to be?

Shut up, yes.  

Like a fine red wine (forgive me for the overused analogy), Stevie has aged with grace, style, and the same voice which we’ve adored for nearly 50 years now.

Warning the crowd before her first song, Stevie let us all know that this isn’t the typical fan favorite “Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits” set.  Instead, she would be trying out some new (old) songs which had either been unreleased, or put deep in her catalogue until she wanted to work with them again.  One of the most enjoyable parts of the show (aside from merely being in her presence), was the storytelling provided by Ms. Nicks.  Tales of writing songs with her 70’s rock star boyfriend Don Henley (The Eagles), or going over to Tom Petty’s basement and jamming with the Heartbreakers.  Stevie’s brain is a hall of fame of Rock n’ Roll memories which would probably fill a book quite nicely.  If you don’t want to write a book Stevie, would you mind chatting over Tea with me for a couple months straight?

Of course, she did “Dreams”, “Rihannon”, “Leather and Lace”, “Gold Dust Woman” and “Don’t go Dragging my Heart Around” ft. Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders, (who opened the show magnificently may I add).

Fleetwood Mac fans left satisfied, Stevie Nicks fans left floored.

  There is something about this 68-year-old wonder woman that has never changed for as long as she’s taken the stage.  Her energy is actually palpable. The love she has radiates from her band to her crew, wraps us all up into one big blanket of sonic and spiritual nirvana. Did I mention that this incredible woman played a two-hour set with only breaks for Tea (she promised it wasn’t whiskey).


Whatever “it” is, Stevie has it, and a whole lot of it.  Goosebumps were the motif of the night. I’m pretty sure I felt them on my heart?  


Anyway, thank you Stevie for a night and career of inevitable influence and genius. And for continuing to share your gift and message to the world.


LOST REVIEW: Stevie Nicks | Amalie Arena, Tampa, FL | November 2, 2016 by Shawn Grey




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