KOLARS Live Review

KOLARS LIVE REVIEW & VIDEO | Will’s Pub Orlando | February 21, 2017

by • February 28, 2017

It’s a rare thing, being afforded the opportunity to see a new band in its infancy. It’s more rare when that band’s able to borrow songs from its previous incarnation and cover them as often as they please. KOLARS was able to offer up old songs that sounded new along with their own music. Hardly a one of us was the wiser for it.

Rob Kolar and Lauren Brown once belonged to He’s My Brother She’s My Sister before creating something all their own, churning out a sound they like to call “desert disco,” “glam-a-billy,” even “space blues.” Through my own filters, I heard some early carefree Killers in there someplace (comparisons be damned, yes).

In the right time, place and setting, what KOLARS brings to the table is great enough to bring an entire club to its knees.

Just know their music’s the stuff of magic potions. I believe it has the ability to make all within earshot dance their respective pants clean off. Consider that both a promise and a warning. Know and understand this too: the two-person band comes with its own tap dancing drummer. I’ve seen a lot of live shows in my life but never, not even once, have I witnessed that kind of inventiveness.

KOLARS was assured, calm, and ready. If they were missing anything, it was more people to love on them. More warm bodies. More fans. More music lubbers. After their set, I heard the drummer wonder aloud if there were any reviewers in the crowd. She even seemed a little frightened by the prospect.

Okay, so there was one. If and when she reads this, she ought to know she doesn’t have a single thing to worry about. I’m doing my part to sound the rallying cry. Read, listen and go see them when they circle back through. No, that’s not a request.

KOLARS Live Review and Video by Dainon.

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