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Issue #12 (The Final Issue) /// Editor’s Note

by • December 9, 2020

Article originally featured in SIGT Magazine Issue #12 /// Page #04
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We appreciate all your support. Right now you’re holding the final issue of SIGT Magazine. Final? Maybe not. But, final for now. We’ve reached an impasse financially. Sadly, we’re unable to sustain our small business any further due to this pandemic. January of 2020 was our best month in business, ever. If it wasn’t for January, we wouldn’t have made it to March. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have made it here. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

We hope to be back one day. We really do. Maybe as a magazine. Maybe as event promoters. Maybe as just kids-at-heart who go to shows and write about our feelings. Regardless, until then, we’ll miss you.

The only thing we have left to do is publish the final part of the comic (if you were following along). I’ll be personally finishing this over the next month and I’ll make sure everyone gets an email. Just be sure to check out part one of the final episode beginning on page #33.

It’s not easy giving up something you love. Hell, it’s not easy giving up something you hate. I’ve certainly felt both polar forces through this process of publishing a print periodical. I’ve learned words I didn’t know and things about print margins I didn’t want to know.

Somewhere between the hundreds of pages we’ve put together, lies a little part of my soul. It’s buried deep beneath the cmyk ink and silk pages we handpicked when we giddily started this. But, it is time to refrain. All beautiful things must come to an end. Like my favorite band in the world, Thursday, said on their first record, Waiting, “When people die, they take a piece of us with them.” I honor this. I will grow new limbs. I will stitch together a new heart. Maybe not as good. Maybe better. But for now, I intend to walk away from this with grace. I submit myself to the unknown.

I’ve had so many wonderful times making this magazine. I’ve met so many inspiring people. I’ve had an incredibly unique opportunity to work with some of the coolest people in the world. I’m forever grateful for these lifelong memories created. I hope you have a happy holidaze and 2021 is a brighter year.

With love, gratitude, and sincerity,

Mitch Foster
Editor & Publisher

P.s. I want you to know how special Hard Rock is to me. They single-handedly kept this magazine afloat through 2020. I appreciate them more than they’ll ever know. Especially Lea “LT” Reynolds (you may remember her from her radio DJ days). I love you LT. Thank you. Cheers to the future.

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