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by • May 10, 2022

Welcome to Rockville 2022 approaches! Like a thundering herd, this mega-lineup of almost 100 bands is stampeding towards us! The rock, the moshing, the crowd surfing, it’s only days away and we are ready! Check out crazy good music that Welcome to Rockville 2022 has to offer!

This year’s amazing event will have one more angel watching from above this year. Rock fans across the globe mourn together in chorus after losing one of the best, Taylor Hawkins. The Foo Fighters’ drummer was a ray of sunshine to those who knew him, and a badass musician to all his fans. Although I never knew Mr. Hawkins personally, I would just like to tell you how much his music means to me. His drumming, his singing, and his smile will forever be etched into my head. Rest in power Taylor Hawkins, you are loved. Oliver Taylor Hawkins — February 17, 1972 – March 25, 2022.

The Official Commemorative Guide is back and pre-orders are now open! Featuring exclusive Rockville artist interviews, a ton of interactive content, a centerfold pull-out map & schedule, and more. You don’t want to miss out on getting this year’s guide! 2022 Pre-Orders will include two bonus items: Rockville Sticker Sheet + a Limited-Edition Koozie! (ORDER HERE)

WTR 2022 Guide Pre-Order - color

WTR 2022 Guide Pre-Order

Thursday: 1pm
Friday: 1pm
Saturday: 12:30pm
Sunday: 12:30pm
(NOTE: all times are subject to change)

Thursday: 9:30am – 10pm
Friday: 9:30am – 10pm
Saturday: 9:30am – 10pm
Sunday: 9:30am – 9pm
(All times subject to change)

Parking will be available for sale on festival days for a daily fee of $30.

YES Cellphones
YES Sunscreen (Non-Aerosol)
YES Binoculars
YES Small, Point-and-Shoot Digital Camera
YES Hats and Sunglasses
YES Earplugs
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YES (1) Factory-sealed Water Bottle or an Empty Plastic Reusable Bottle (no Yeti’s or Hydroflasks)

For more info, click HERE!

With four days, plus a Wednesday night pre-party, you have a lot of ROCK to cover! Let’s go through the days and some of the badass artists performing!


Welcome To Rockville - Wednesday Schedule

Welcome To Rockville – Wednesday Schedule

STEEL PANTHER /// WTR ‘22 starts with a can’t-miss pre-party performance from the world’s premier party band, Steel Panther! Their over-the-top lyrics and antics on stage personify 80’s glam rock! SP has been melding hard rock virtuosity with parody and criminally good looks since 2000. Get ready to rock out with a smile on your faces when they play “Death to All But Metal!” Check out our interview with lead singer, Michael Starr in the Official Commemorative Guide!


Welcome To Rockville - Thursday Schedule

Welcome To Rockville – Thursday Schedule

KISS /// Get ready to rock ‘n’ roll all night and party everyday this weekend at WTR! This iconic rock band is known for their wild performances that include fire breathing, blood-spitting, smoking guitars, shooting rockets, levitating drum kits, and pyrotechnics! OG’s Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons lead this glam metal outfit, known as “The Starchild” and “The Demon” respectively, when wearing their makeup. Rock out to huge hits like “Love Gun” and “I Was Made For Lovin’ You!”

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH /// Since their debut album, ‘The Way of the Fist’ came out in’07 the band has released six consecutive albums that were certified Gold or Platinum. Having become one of the most recognizable names in music, F5DP frequently play major festivals and sell out arenas around the world. They released their 8th and most recent studio album, ‘F8’, in ‘20. Damn, we can’t wait to mosh to this!

PAPA ROACH /// Repping Vacaville, California, Papa Roach is an incredible rock band, plain and simple. Their alternative approach has led the way for many nu-metal bands to follow. Frontman Jacoby Shaddix and co. will be playing music off of their ‘19 record, ‘Who Do You Trust?’, as well as their fresh singles, “Kill the Noise” (‘21) and “Cut the Line” (‘22) and all the classics, like “Last Resort” (‘00)!

IN THIS MOMENT /// All cultures, religions, and belief systems share one commonality: Life springs forth from a mother. Since coming to life in 2005, gold-selling hard rock provocateurs ITM have presided over a diehard fan base under the watch of “mother” figure and frontwoman Maria Brink. Come check out this alternative melodic metalcore that received a ‘17 Best Metal Performance Grammy Award nomination for “The In-Between,” which was later placed on the ‘20 album, ‘Mother’.

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY /// Heavy, southern metal that have been blowing fans’ minds since their beginning in ‘98. Singer/guitarist Zakk Wylde ignites the way for this groove metal squad to “Fire It Up!” Get on the rail and singe your eyebrows as they play selections from ‘21’s ‘Doom Crew Inc.’ along with old-school favorites in this heavy heater of a set.

CLUTCH /// These legendary Maryland rockers have twelve studio albums dating back to ‘93! Let your hair down when they play the hit song, “Electric Worry” and get weird when they play “Spacegrass!” Come see this high-energy City/State Liberation Union Cleanse Humanity!

DOWN /// Sludge metal and southern rock supergroup Down is here to blow you away! Hailing from funky New Orleans, LA, Down has three studio albums and a ‘10 live album called, ‘Diary of a Mad Band.’ Brace for what happens when Pantera, Corrosion of Conformity, and Crowbar create a perfect storm at WTR ‘22! Horns up!

MAMMOTH WVH /// Son of incredible guitarist Eddie Van Halen, Wolfgang Van Halen is keeping the family tradition alive. Formerly the bassist for Van Halen from ‘06 – ‘20, Wolfgang is now the frontman for his hard rock project, Mammoth WVH, debuting their first record, ‘Mammoth WVH,’ which came out in June of ‘21. The name is a derivative of his father’s first band, Mammoth. Check out our interview with Wolf in the Official Commemorative Guide!

BAD WOLVES /// This heavy metal group from Los Angeles is ready to have you howling at the moon this May in Daytona. Welcoming their new lead singer, Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz, Bad Wolves are delivering rock from their latest record, ‘Dear Monsters’, which came out in ’21.

FUEL /// This multi-platinum alternative rock band was just reunited with their original drummer, Kevin Miller. Their new lead singer John Corsale is a perfect fit to sing all the hits that made them famous, like “Hemorrhage (In My Hands)” and “Shimmer.” They dropped their latest album in October of ‘21 titled, Ånomåly.

THE SWORD /// Come to this set to feel the DOOM-style metal grooves that radiate from this Austin, Texas heavy metal band. Drawing inspiration from Black Sabbath, The Sword’s sound will have you dressed in a “Cloak of Feathers” as we rage out together to hits from their huge ‘16 album, ‘Age of Winters’.

TETRARCH /// High school buddies Diamond Rowe (lead guitar) and Josh Fore (guitar/vocals) formed this killer melodic metalcore group in Atlanta, GA. Tetrarch is now a Los Angeles-based 4-piece band. Their new album ‘Unstable’ was released in April of ‘21.

BAD OMENS /// Frontman Noah Sebastian and guitarist Nick Ruffilo are bringing Richmond, VA’s finest alternative metalcore to WTR. This heavy metal band will punish you with their searing guitar riffs while belting you with bright anthems. Bad Omens has 4 studio albums and their ‘22 live album, ‘The Death of Peace of Mind.’


Welcome To Rockville - Friday Schedule

Welcome To Rockville – Friday Schedule

KORN /// KoRn was formed in Bakersfield, CA in ‘93 by Jonathan Davis. Since then, the band has become THE leader in nu-metal. Their music began to grow in ‘97 when they released the huge album, Follow the Leader. With songs Ike “Freak on a Leash” and “Falling Away From Me,” KoRn have exploded to sell more than 35M records worldwide. They released their fourteenth and most recent offering, Requiem, in February of ‘22. KoRn has won 2 Grammy Awards for their songs “Freak on a Leash” and “Here to Stay” in addition to being nominated for six others.

BREAKING BENJAMIN /// Come rock-out with Benjamin Burnley (vocals, guitar) and company! Breaking Benjamin is a gigantic, multi-platinum post-grunge-era band. This Wilkes-Barre, PA alternative metal band has released six studio albums, including ‘Ember’ from ‘18 which debuted #1 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart. If you see me at the set, “I Will Not Bow” but I will definitely “Dance With the Devil!” Horns Up!

MEGADETH /// As one of the “Big Four” thrash bands, Megadeth came on the scene in 1983 in Los Angeles, CA. Former Metallica guitarist, Dave Mustaine leads the way with complex guitar work as one of the best bands in their genre. Megadeth has sold 40M records worldwide and has one Grammy Award for the song “Dystopia” in ‘17. Their upcoming album, ‘The Sick, the Dying… and the Dead’, is due out summer of ‘22.

SEETHER /// If you have a problem, the “Remedy” is to go see Seether at WTR ‘21. This South African rock band was originally formed under the name, “Sharon Gas.” After moving to the US in ‘02 they changed the name to Seether and recorded their first album, ‘Disclaimer’. On this album they became famous for huge hits like the acoustic “Broken.” This alternative rock band has taken nu-metal to the next level. They will be playing songs from their newest album, ‘Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum,’ ‘20, and all the classics!

SKILLET /// Like a beacon, music transmits light. It refracts hope when needed most in times of trouble. With each song, show, and album, Skillet uplifts and unites. With two platinum albums, ‘Collide’ in ‘05 and ‘Comatose’ in ‘07, this Memphis, TN band is responsible for making us all “Feel Invincible.” One thing is for sure, this band will bring us all together as they shine their musical light upon us.

MINISTRY /// LFG! Get pumped to mosh, worship, and headbang to the best industrial rock and metal Chicago has ever produced! Born in ‘81, Ministry has evolved to become pioneer of the industrial music scene. Best known for ‘92’s ‘ΚΕΦΑΛΗΞΘ’ (commonly known as ‘Psalm 69’), Ministry burns it all down with songs like “N.W.O.” and “Just One Fix.” Founding member Al Jourgensen and co. released their most recent album ‘Moral Hygiene’ in ‘21. Welcome to metal church!

UNDEROATH /// A seminal voice in progressive, heavy rock for almost two decades. When you look at the long list of bands that would be considered their contemporaries, very few can match Underoath when it comes to consistently pushing the envelope or the ability to evolve creatively without losing sight of what made them such a special band in the first place.

IN FLAMES /// A musical institution in the heavy metal world. Since helping create Sweden’s legendary “Gothenburg Sound” three decades ago to their current status as melodic metal monoliths, the act have constantly eschewed trends in order to forge their own musical path.

SEVENDUST /// Come celebrate the 21st anniversary of Sevendust’s ‘01 seminal album ‘Animosity’! Featuring all of the original members since ‘94, Atlanta’s metal/rock scene was never the same after bassist Vince Hornsby found inspiration in pesticide in his grandmother’s garage called “Sevin Dust.” Check out our interview with lead singer, Lajon “LJ” Witherspoon! Check out our interview with lead singer, Lajon in the Official Commemorative Guide!

RED /// Grammy-nominated RED returned in ‘20 with their 7th studio album, ‘DECLARATION’. RED’s unique balance of raw refinement and poised aggression has radiated from Nashville, TN for two decades now. Formed by twin brothers, guitarist Anthony and bassist Randy Armstrong, RED has consistently challenged their listeners to be real with themselves and confront their struggles head on.

TYLER BRYANT & THE SHAKEDOWN /// From blues, blistering heavy rock, heartfelt balladry, southern roots, and a huge love of the ‘90’s rock and roll movement, these Nashville boys have what you came for: ROCK. With four studio albums under their belts and having toured with huge acts like Jeff Beck, ZZ Top, Aerosmith, AC/DC, GnR, TBSD are on the up! Stop reading now, just go listen. TBSD makes a damn good case for themselves all on their own.

WE CAME AS ROMANS /// Their hook-filled heavy music carries an uplifting message with an increasingly diverse catalog of metallic might, melodic strength, and an electronic atmosphere. Their ‘21 album, ‘Darkbloom’ is a bright light in the darkness honoring the legacy and memory of their fallen bandmate, Kyle Pavone (RIP). Like a flower emerging through concrete, WCAR symbolizes the transformative power of perseverance.

DED /// DED are quickly becoming one of rock’s most exciting torchbearers, embodying elements of rock, alternative, and metal, cloaked in some of the densest, most histrionic, headbanging music on the planet! DED’s unexpectedly soulful music is about bringing hope, relief, and self-awareness of the things we consume and the way we act so that we can come out stronger, happier, and more aware of how we look after ourselves and each other.


Welcome To Rockville - Saturday Schedule

Welcome To Rockville – Saturday Schedule

GUNS N’ ROSES /// In 1985, two bands collided, and the world changed. The Hollywood Roses and the LA Guns joined forces to create one of the biggest bands of all time; Guns N’ Roses! Now, it’s 2022, and they are still touting one of the baddest guitarists of all time. You’re gonna want to get your ass here to see Slash live! These guys have recorded hit after hit, songs like, “November Rain,” “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” “Paradise City,” and so many more. These guys are ROCK ‘N ROLL HALL OF FAMERS– enough said!

SHINEDOWN /// You never know if you’ll get a “Second Chance” to see this Multi-platinum, record-breaking rock band! If someone is keeping you from seeing them, you may need to “Cut the Cord!” Shinedown’s distinct mix of explosive rock ‘n’ roll spirit, thought-provoking lyrics, and melodic sensibility is propelled by the undeniable power of front-man Brent Smith’s voice. Their new album, ‘Planet Zero’, is due out July 1st so listen for new songs!

RISE AGAINST /// Punk rock plants its flag in Rockville when Chicago, IL phenoms Rise Against get to town! Their melodic hardcore punk style hit new heights with the ‘11 release of ‘Endgame’. This explosive band is responsible for huge hits like “Savior,” “Satellite,” and “Prayer of the Refugee.” “When we first started Rise Against, we just wanted to be a dirty punk band, write some songs, and see how many mosh pits we could get going!” – Tim McIlrath, lead vocals.

BUSH /// British alt rock band Bush was formed in ‘92 in London, England. Their album, ‘Sixteen Stone’, went platinum six times over. They have gone on to be one of the biggest rock bands of the 90’s, selling over 20M records worldwide. Come sing along to huge hits like, “Glycerine,” “Machinehead,” and “Comedown” with Gavin Rossdale and company!

JERRY CANTRELL /// Instantly recognizable, Jerry Cantrell’s guitar playing is iconic. As a founding member of Alice In Chains—the massively influential grunge band, he is responsible for hits like “Man in the Box,” “Would?,” and “Rooster.” Cantrell has been named in the “Top 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists” by Guitar World Magazine. His third solo album, ‘Brighten’ was released in ‘21. Fun fact: Lzzy Hale steps on Cantrell both literally & figuratively (see interview w/ Lzzy in the Official Commemorative Guide).

NOTHING MORE /// Turn the rock vibes all the way up for these San Antonio, TX rockers. Formed in ‘02, Nothing More broke through to the mainstream with their self-titled fourth studio album. This record contained huge songs like “This is the Time (Ballast),” “Mr. MTV,” and “Jenny.” Nothing More shows us that even if our stories don’t always have a happy ending there’s a beauty in their very existence.

BARONESS /// Grammy-nominated exploratory rock band Baroness blazes triumphantly past genre barriers, their anthemic alt-metal hooks ricocheting between the circuitous twists of prog and jazz, the moody swirls of space-rock and noise, and the hypnotic pulses of trip-hop and 20th Century minimalism. Check out our interview with lead singer, John Baizley in the Official Commemorative Guide!

DIRTY HONEY /// Formed in ‘17, Dirty Honey delivers airtight songwriting that plays up their strengths: sexy, bluesy, nasty rock n’ roll, melodic hard rock, and soulful ‘70’s blues-rock. Dropping their debut album in ‘21, these guys are ready to blow you away with tracks like, “When I’m Gone” and “Rolling 7s.” Dirty Honey has opened for The Who, Guns ’N Roses, Slash, and Alter Bridge and is widely considered the “do-not-miss-band” at major rock festivals!

ALEXISONFIRE /// Influencing the majority of the mid-2000s post-hardcore scene, these pioneers are a rare act to witness live! AOF exploded out of the post-hardcore scene in late ‘01 from Ontario, Canada. With three vocalists—George Pettit, Wade MacNeil, & Dallas Green, they will have the pit packed with fans singing at the top of their lungs. Their anticipated new record, Otherness, drops June 24, 2022.

JOHN 5 /// For almost 30 years, John 5 has been one of the most in-demand guitar players on the planet. As well as a guitarist for hire, 5 has shared the stage as axe-man for Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, and Rob Halford. To call John 5 a shredder does not do him justice. Come to this set to have your face melted!

SAINT ASONIA /// Time encourages growth. It allows for bonds to strengthen, visions to clarify, and statements to be made. Since their emergence in ‘15, founders Adam Gontier (Three Days Grace) and Mike Mushok (Staind), are upheld by an unshakable foundation of off-kilter grooves, pummeling guitars, scorching solos, and searing songcraft, Loudwire christened them, “Best New Artist.”

CROWN THE EMPIRE /// A sweeping self-awareness and expansive creativity are at the heart of CTE. They’re modern post-metalcore anthem makers who embrace their dirty rock roots and stadium-ready melodies with super-intense and high-energy songs.

SICK OF IT ALL /// NYC hardcore legends SICK OF IT ALL aren’t slowing down with age! Punching the clock since ‘86, they remain a beacon of continuity, integrity, and resolve. “We’re a band that thrives from frustration. We’ve lived long enough now to see through the matrix, and thank goodness we have this band, so we can vent about it.” – Drummer Armand Majidi.

AGNOSTIC FRONT /// This band pioneered the crossover between punk and thrash in the hardcore scene. AF speaks out against violence and terrorist across the world while bringing people together with its music. Guitarist and cofounder Vinnie Stigma helped his group to achieve fame with twelve studio albums, four live albums, and five EPs! Come mosh out to these historic headbangers!


Welcome To Rockville - Sunday Schedule

Welcome To Rockville – Sunday Schedule

NINE INCH NAILS /// Daytona Int’l Speedway will never be the same after Trent Reznor and company floods it with their heavy industrial rock. Trent Reznor and his band became the face of industrial music in the ’90s with “Head Like a Hole,” “Closer,” and “Hurt” becoming hits and ‘The Downward Spiral’ (1994) and ‘The Fragile’ (1999) topping the charts. In 2016, after decades as the only official member of the band, he welcomed English producer Atticus Ross. Come bask in the glory and intensity that is NIN. (Note: NIN replaced Foo Fighters)

SMASHING PUMPKINS /// One of the most visible alt rock bands of the early ’90s, the Smashing Pumpkins achieved mainstream success with classic releases ‘Siamese Dream’ and ‘Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness’. Headed by principal songwriter and frontman Billy Corgan, their sound is an amalgam of progressive rock, heavy metal, goth, psychedelia, and dream pop; a layered, powerful style driven by swirling, distorted guitars that churned beneath angst-ridden lyrics. Catch Corgan, plus original members Jimmy Chamberlin & James Iha at this epic WTR set!

JANE’S ADDICTION /// Great bands break rules, but legends write their own. JA has actually written the rule book for alternative music and culture through a combination of genre-defying classic songs and a cinematic live experience. Perry Farrell stands out as one of music’s most visionary and enigmatic front men. Guitar god Dave Navarro conjures simultaneously psychedelic and epic riffs. Stephen Perkins’ tribal stomp remains hypnotic and transfixing. This band created a sound that the world had never heard before!

HALESTORM /// Halestorm exists as a beacon of hope and inspiration for musicians, particularly female musicians. Lead vocalist, Lzzy Hale has been a pioneer in rock and proven that women have a concrete place on the stage. Two decades into an accomplished career, Halestorm represents the results of true passion and hard work. Vicious is evidence of a group of artists who refuse to ever plateau. Read our interview with Lzzy Hale in the Official Commemorative Guide!

THE PRETTY RECKLESS /// Rock ‘n’ roll is a religion. It’s a commitment to an ideal, a belief system. The lifestyle and trappings may appear to be glamorous and romantic, but the road isn’t easy. It requires staying power and an enormous amount of faith. Taylor Momsen and company are truly a rock and roll band, as evidenced by their ‘21 released fourth album, ‘Death by Rock and Roll’, sounding more alive than ever!

THE STRUTS /// Formed in England in ‘12, The Struts have found themselves massively embraced by some of the greatest icons in rock-and-roll history. Along with opening for The Rolling Stones, The Who, and Guns N’ Roses, this four-piece was hand-picked by Mötley Crüe to serve as the supporting act for their last-ever performances, while Dave Grohl praised them as the best band to ever open for Foo Fighters.

POPPY /// Her ‘21 album, ‘Flux’ marks yet another artistic leap for the ever-evolving musician, featuring a stream-lined songwriting approach that puts her indelible earworm melodies at the foreground of a kaleidoscopic mosaic of overdriven guitars. She’s had multiple appearances on WWE NXT, a GRAMMY performance, and was nominated for Best Metal Performance, making her the first solo female artist ever nominated in the category.

THE HU /// These international rock stars feature heavy metal and ancient throat singing from their home country of Mongolia. Lead singer Galbadrakh Tsendbaatar explains “Our music is a blend of east and west, old and new. We’re building on a history and sound that has been around for thousands of years.” The band’s name translates to the Mongolian root word for “human being.” Check out our Q&A with The Hu in the Official Commemorative Guide!

SPIRITBOX /// Part post-metal band, part art collective, SPIRITBOX makes magic in the musical and visual mediums, evoking spirits like that other type of “medium.” Songs like “Holy Roller,” “Blessed Be,” and “Rule of Nines” explore the depths of the human experience, with an instant relatability, delivered with progressive metal precision and color. Check out our interview with lead singer, Courtney LaPlante in the Official Commemorative Guide!

ESCAPE THE FATE /// This three-word phrase is synonymous with heavy rock n’ roll and hooks, post-hardcore with weight, and unrelenting genre-redefining anthems built for diverse audiences. Here’s what lead singer, Craig Mabbitt, says about their ‘21 release, “Throw out everything you thought you knew about this band. ‘CHEMICAL WARFARE’ is a new beginning for us.”

BONES UK /// This London, England duo thinks that beauty is overrated. BONES UK has been nominated for Best Rock Performance Grammy Award for “Pretty Waste,” off of their ‘19 selftitled album. Come check out their kick ass cover of David Bowie’s “I’m Afraid of Americans” and their song off of the TV series Arcane titled “Dirty Little Animals.”

THE CHATS /// In ‘16, Queensland, Australian produced some of the best pub-punk shed-rock the world has ever seen! Guitarist Josh Hardy, drummer Matt Boggs, and vocal bassist Earmon Sandwith won the 2021 AIR (Australian Independent Record) Awards for Best Independent Punk album, ‘High Risk Behavior’. Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, & Iggy Pop are all fans!

LACEY STURM /// Lacey rose to fame in the early ‘00’s with the hard rock band, Flyleaf. Her distinctive voice and shiver-inducing screams helped propel Flyleaf to multi-platinum success with hits “I’m So Sick” and “All Around Me.” Lacey Sturm is recognized by Billboard as the “first solo woman to top hard rock album charts.” with her debut solo album ‘Life Screams’ in ‘16.


Welcome To Rockville Final 2022 Official Lineup

Welcome To Rockville Final 2022 Official Lineup

Guide to Rockville 2022 by Spencer Storch.
Photo by Tyler Church, courtesy of WTR.

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