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Get The Led Out Live Review & Concert Photos | The Plaza Live Orlando| March 30 2015

by • April 2, 2015

I used to listen to a two-hour radio program on Sundays. It played Led Zeppelin songs without any commercial breaks. It was called (wait for it) Get The Led Out.

Fast forward a handful of years and, well, Led Zeppelin is my all-time favorite band. I don’t have all their albums on vinyl, but that’s not so much the point. I’ve never been able to compare another to them and I’ve tried. I’ve never found another band that does music like they do. I keep thinking that, as the years pass, I might like a band more. It never happens. Maybe I’m just getting old, but I’ll cop to that, too. Maybe it actually was better back then, when the band was still playing shows and I was some kind of wee baby who had no idea who they even were.

So I did Get The Led Out a disservice before I ever walked in the door the other night: I wasn’t terribly excited to see them play these songs that are in fact deeply imbedded into my history. How could they come close to the band I so adored? The day of the show came, tickets fell in my lap and I showed up. I wasn’t going to miss it. The show must—and did—go on.

Everything changed minutes after Martin and I got there, though. The band had packed The Plaza Live with a near standing-room-only crowd. And Get The Led Out was absolutely nailing song after song in the catalog, whether it was “Ramble On,” “Tangerine” or even “When The Levee Breaks.” They were playing all of our favorite songs. They happened to be playing most of their favorite songs, too.

You see, I’d been looking at things the wrong way: The band hadn’t come to be Led Zeppelin, far from it. They didn’t even look much like them. What they did was celebrate the band along with us. We were all fans … they just so happened to be the ones standing closest to the microphones.

As I surveyed all who’d come to take part, I noticed something. We were all ages and from all walks of life bound together by the music we enjoyed hearing. It was as if, for one glorious night, this venue had opened its doors as a musical community center of sorts. They’d invited us all in to enjoy together and we did. There were sons who’d brought dads who simply didn’t go to concerts anymore. There were those who absolutely weren’t even alive when Robert Plant and Jimmy Page and the rest called it a day.

Martin enjoyed the night so much that I lost him in the crowd. He complained about a hurt neck the next day, because he’d lost himself in the moments they’d created. Get The Led Out gave us more than a spectacular concert last Saturday. They gave us the opportunity to experience the songs many of us had never heard live. We piled that night on top of the memories we’d already created with Led Zeppelin. And we were as thankful about what they gave as we could possibly be.

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