Excision Live Review + Photos | House Of Blues Orlando | February 10, 2017

by • March 9, 2017

Wait. What did you say? Sorry, I can’t hear anything I was at Excision last night.

On the February 10th, I met House music’s evil twin brother, Dubstep for a night of in your face bass. It was the most intense concert I have ever been to. Excision shirts were being sold at the show with the phrase “I’m a fucking head banger.”

The show was super amazing, starting out with Barely Alive. He is a DJ who keeps his identity a secret with a LED trimmed cube around his head. Despite his name, Barely Alive brought the place alive that night. My crew and I were in the heart of the floor and the Orlando crowd approved.

Excision Live Review and Photos

Next up with little delay was Cookie Monsta, a DJ from overseas in the UK. From start to finish the place was packed and it wasn’t even 10:30 yet. He was able to elevate an already hard show with a set of Dubstep. I was too close to several mosh pits. The moshers were smiling and loving each other at the end, which is what it’s all about in the EDM culture.

Excision Live Review and Photos

Around 11, it was show time. Excision, whose tour has been doing tremendous, played another sold out show at House Of Blues Orlando. His fans are bass veterans and this was my first time on the battlefield. My body couldn’t take it and I found myself upstairs on a couch. The bass was so heavy, laying back in the couch felt like a massage chair.

Excision Live Review and Photos

The show was definitely something different for me but the audience was dancing and head banging at every drop. It was a great set and since I’d never seen Excision before, it won’t be something I forget. The visuals were these intense robot spider machine things tearing up everything in its path. Chants of “One more song” went strong for minutes but he came back for one last banger and gave it all he could. Lights, lasers and bass were all there. There’s a reason why he sells out venues, check it out for yourself! If it’s new to you, don’t worry, everybody is cool and you’ll get a lot of praise. But don’t be afraid to broaden your music taste. You may just fall in love with somebody there and head bang the rest of your lives together.

Excision Live Review & Live Photos 2017 by Collen Pryor.

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