Dikembe covers Fleetwood Mac in Style of Brand New

STREAM: Dikembe covers Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” In the Style of Brand New (feat. Expert Timing) <3

by • March 1, 2018

This is a little bit about my friend Steven Gray, who’s 1/4 of Dikembe

The first time I listened to this song, it was a rough demo in Steven’s backyard. Katrina’s vocals (Expert Timing) weren’t on it. It was raw and full of pain. I’ve been listening to it in my head for months now and I’m so stoked you finally get to hear it too.

It sounds like if Mick Fleetwood just played the drums and Jesse Lacey from Brand New sang the words. It’s like my favorite worlds, fire and the ocean floor, collide.

I’m hanging inside Steven’s head for a while, feeling a fraction of his feels. Stories shared become fond memories and provide a sense of belonging. My hairs are up. I’m falling in love like I’m ready to be hurt. Here comes your favorite bass line in the world … 

Steven Gray is fighting for peace and purpose and his wife and daughter. He’s the meaning of life. He’s one of those energy saving bulbs that have to warm up for a few minutes but shines harder forever. He reminds me of my friend Travis Adams. He has one of the most difficult day jobs that exists. Some days, it beats him down and fucks him up. He loves his friends deeply, without judgement. He fights to live and finds the beauty in-between the bloody lines. His smile can change your shitty day to okay.

He is the chain. He keeps us together. 

Dikembe Fleetwood Mac Cover in style of Brand New by Mitch.

Feature photo credit unknown. 


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