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ALBUM REVIEW: Devon Baldwin ‘Lungs’ EP | “The White-On-White Bombshell Mermaid is Unchained” | Released November 10, 2015

by • November 12, 2015

You cannot live in the future if you are stuck in the past. We must learn from mistakes in order to create a more beautiful future. You can never see what’s in front if you’re always looking in reverse. Be kind, rewind.

If you closed your eyes and picked from a hat when talking about whether the past is conducive or not, you’d get a mixed bag of answers … and cliches. Personally, I’m with the people who are setting up camp in the land of, build from the past. My tent will be on the solid ground with its stakes firmly secured in the belief, hindsight is 20/20. Take the soil from other days and plant it in today, and know you are not getting yesterday back. What grows, is an unique species all its own, even if infinitesimally so.

The arts is not unlike the aforementioned. Music grows out of what came before, and has its roots raveled in other influences. Now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves (guy in college who just compared Justin Bieber to Mozart). Let’s take a look back to see how we got here, shall we? Marvelous.

I first heard this song while watching a contemporary dance piece at my local arts center. Not only was I entranced by the far more graceful limbs onstage, I was hypnotized by the movement of the music behind them. “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap has become the soundtrack to every sad time and eventual catharsis in my life. Perhaps, it makes me feel graceful like the dancers that flit across my brain as my mind makes the connection to the first time I ever heard it. Maybe it’s the simple way she frames really plaguing existential questions? Where are we? What the hell is going on?” Her melodic alto is as haunting as each question mark hanging in the air on the end of her rich, thick tone. It was really the first time that electronica was introduced to me where fist pumping, Jersey Shore-esque beats, or annoyingly auto-tune T-pain tracks weren’t part of it.

Self-proclaimed mermaid, Devon Baldwin, is straight from the seed of Imogen Heap.

Now, there are artists galore who make their livelihood on abstract sounds and bourgeois beats; Glass Animals, St. Lucia, Hippie Sabotage, etc. Self-proclaimed mermaid, Devon Baldwin, is straight from the seed of Imogen Heap. Her sound, while still ethereal, takes its inspiration from the high seas rather than the grit of the earth, like Heaps’. Baldwin just released her first EP, Lungs which seems aptly titled for obvious reasons of her love of the ocean (“Ocean” also being one of the most stunning tracks on the album.) However, Lungs more than likely comes from the events surrounding the making of this album.

Her lungs collapsed three times during the process and most of it was written in what she says was a ‘vicodin induced haze.’

It’s impressive enough just to hear her voice but to know what she has surpassed medically makes this mermaid a siren with serious staying power.

devon baldwin lungs ep album review

Baldwin’s soundcloud is filled with features and remixes that showcase her well. A standout from the bunch is a cover of the Blink-182 classic, “Don’t leave me.” Her take on this punk hit will have you reminiscing with fondness of teenage rebellion and nostalgia.

The past isn’t just a place where bad haircuts and douchebag exes live. It’s stopping to tie your shoe and barely missing a moving bus. It’s running late, forgetting your keys, and missing morning traffic. It’s imperfectly perfect and right on time.

If you’ve only ever known Devon Baldwin as Bay Area rapper, G-Eazy’s muse, then prepare to see her step out of the black-on-black shadow.

 This white-on-white bombshell is unchained, uninhibited, and it’s not too late. 

So slip out of your cares, uncork a nice Cab, drift into the ocean and drown in the ethereal waters of Lungs.

You can purchase Devon Baldwin’s ‘Lungs’ EP at

Devon Baldwin ‘Lungs’ EP Album Review by Staff Writer, Sarah Schumaker.

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