Peyote Coyote Sandwich Bar Orlando 2017

DEAF POETS TOUR 2017 w/ Peyote Coyote & Slumberjack | Coming to Sandwich Bar, Orlando, FL! | Saturday, August 26, 2017

by • August 9, 2017

Three hours and thirty minutes, 235.6 miles. That’s all that stands between Orlando and Miami. Central Florida to the tip. Beaches, lush springs, amusement parks, and alligators abound the states sprawling, and often humid, nature. Temperatures rise as you creep further South, and so do the stakes.

Miami is notorious for its electronic and underground music scene. Raves for days and rose colored shades. If you know where to look though, you’ll find the garage psych rock molded by the City’s seedy glitz.

Deaf Poets Tour 2017

Deaf Poets have more than merely navigated the 305, they’ve infiltrated and commandeered the damn town. In 2014, the duo consisting of Sean Wouters and Nicolas Espinosa were voted “Best Band of Miami” and followed that up the next year garnering a spot on “20 Most Influential People of Miami” list. Trophies aren’t their endgame, however. Live shows are where they thrive. Numbers betray their high energy, loud and full sound.

Their latest release Lost In Magic City is an amalgamation of rock bleeding grunge at its seams.

Fellow Miami rockers Peyote Coyote will be joining Deaf Poets during their Orlando takeover. The trio are pure psychedelic beach pop.

Peyote Coyote Sandwich Bar Orlando 2017

Ryan Huseman, Jake Stuart, and Cari Gee met while in college in 2012 and settled into their sound around 2014. Their harmonies will haunt your dreams and transport you back to 1970. Colors run together and drip down walls as their grooves hypnotize you..

Orlando’s own lumber boys are lugging their loud melodic rock to Sandwich Bar. Slumberjack is the trance before the chaos. Then you become the chaos, swirling inside their oddly calm storm.

From the draw, vocalist/guitarist Andrew Kelly offers up the sedated, effervescence of grunge rock with a coy, distorted smile. Peel some poetry from the rind. Shout sung-spoken word drips off his lips; flung with spit and vigor, he spins you deeper down the void of his twisted love songs. With the addition of a bassist, Slumberjack can better tickle that tempo line and connect fully to the undercurrent of their sound.



Sandwich Bar‘s intimate space is the ideal venue to catch these acts. Tickets are only $10 at the door. Don’t miss your chance to see these Miami vices up close and personal.


Catch them on the rest of their Florida run with Peyote Coyote!!

“Poets On Peyote Tour”

Deaf Poets Tour Announcement 2017

Deaf Poets Tour 2017 w/ Peyote Coyote Announcement by Sarah Schumaker.



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