megan-malsom-shows-i-go-to-orlando-marketingMegan Malsom, Marketing & Press Manager:



Music has always been my way of expressing the things I too often internalize. Music has lessened the blows, heightened the happiness, and spoken for me when I cannot speak. I love being able to bring people to great music and music to great people!


I grew up as a choir nerd, skipping classes to go to concerts (I still got straight A’s, mom!). I listened to music from my dad’s ’80s DJing days, while my mom raised me on ’60s and ’70s Folk-Rock. Now, I’m a music business degree holder who enjoys life behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.


You’ll find me out at shows. See you where the music’s playing!

I live in Orlando, Florida. Let’s talk:


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Megan Malsom