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Living mindfully is a concept that, over time, has become more widely accepted and understood in our culture. The idea that there are barriers we cannot overcome keeping us from making our dreams a reality is pretty close to antiquated if you ask me. In fact, I believe whole-heartedly that my generation and every generation hereafter will live with the notion that we are limitless; that anything is possible if you believe it to be. Ravé Mehta, creator of the show FLOW, shares this concept with a new show called ASPIRE, coming to Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts next Saturday, October 3, and we’re giving away tickets (enter below)!  

If you’re unfamiliar with FLOW, check out our live review of the show, which happened on July 25. It was breathtaking and inspirational, with a full cast of 14 yoga-inspired musicians, dancers, and acrobats. ASPIRE, on the other hand, is much more intimate with just Ravé, his piano, and a mic, where he will perform a solo piano concert infused with TED style talks around how we can unlock the secrets to our human potential. We had a chance to ask Ravé a few questions about the show and here’s what we found out!

Shows I Go To:  So what is ASPIRE about?

Ravé:  ASPIRE is a love story. I don’t mean the traditional love story between a boy and a girl; it’s much more intimate. It’s a story about falling in love with yourself. If one aspires to reach their highest potential, it’s impossible to do that without understanding love and all the things that get in the way of love such as fear, judgment, and expectations. Love is our life force and when we’re feeling it, we tap into our flow state and can essentially do anything. It’s not until we love ourselves completely that we become fully human…and then all of a sudden the world becomes a very interesting place.

Shows I Go To:  Wow, I didn’t expect that! What can we expect from the show…I understand that it’s a piano concert intertwined with TED Talk style perspectives?

Ravé:  Yes, that’s right, but I like to think of ASPIRE as a musically guided experience through our minds so we can reach our hearts. I’ll move the audience through a series of ideas and insights to stimulate their minds and widen their perspective, followed by me playing some of my piano pieces. My piano compositions are designed to trigger different emotional states so that you can absorb, explore, and better connect with yourself, the message, and those around you. If that sounds too deep, then we can just say that the show is great piano music intertwined with some insightful revelations I discovered during my personal journey of love, health, and music.

Shows I Go To:  I really love that you partnered with Harbor House to support victims of domestic violence. Why did you choose them?

Ravé:  I’ve been a big fan and supporter of Harbor House for many years and I’m completely impressed with the impact they’ve had on this community and those in need. October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, so when I spoke to their Executive Director, Carol Wick, we thought this would be a great opportunity to use the arts to raise awareness for victims of domestic abuse. A portion of the proceeds will go directly to Harbor House for supporting these victims.

I’ll say this: If the music from FLOW is any indication of how amazing this experience will be, you’re definitely in for a treat. Aside from being an award-winning composer and pianist, Ravé is also a bestselling author and a motivational speaker and he’s pooling all these talents into one evening that stimulates the mind and nourishes the soul.

To purchase tickets, check out www.aspireshow.com or go directly to www.aspireshow.eventbrite.com. In the meantime, enter to win some here!

ASPIRE is coming to Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts on Saturday October 3, 2015, at 8 pm.  









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ASPIRE Orlando Preview by Sarabeth Jackson.


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