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Songs I Groove To vol. III: Orlando Edition | Pathos, Pathos, Likeways, LUVLOST, Someday River, and Island Science

by • July 19, 2016

An installation of songs that are not necessarily new this week, though it’s likely they are, but probably just new to us. If you find this list yawningly glib, then email us, silly, and lay your music knowledge down, please. 😎

*This week we take a look at some amazing artists in Orlando, FL.*

Pathos, Pathos — Pet Names”

Next Local Show: August 6, 2016, The Social, Orlando, FL

Well I was aware, aware you could never see me at all.
You were always in my bed, You’re never in my head.

Like a knife. Whether you sing those words and mean them or sing them through gritted teeth of denial, they cut deep. Pathos, Pathos does it again with their new EP, Pet Names. Those lyrics are from the title track and they come laced over the indie flare we have come to love from the hometown boys. We’re led in by a steady bassline that might make one feel like they are hitting just the right part of the sidewalk squares so as to not step on the crack, the perfect stride. The drums come in and start to flirt with your pace as you see a shiny new thing; you’re in pursuit. Walsh’s vocals are sweet and steady as you grasp for this elusive amalgam in the distance. The outline of a boy/girl, perhaps. The song builds with a crescendo of ‘ooo’s’ and before you know it, you’ve found your steps stagnant on the other side of a guitar break.

Our love was a habit, it sank like a stone
You’re a slave to my past now I’m a slave to your ghost.”

The outline suddenly less shiny in closer light. Pathos, Pathos has a way of making you dance to the sound of your own heart breaking. The whole EP embodies summer romances, the fleeting, wonderful, fucked up, fragile things they can be. This particular track feels like the end of an August night, feelings caught, no A/C, sticking to a leather couch, ignoring texts from your friends in turn for the solitude of your own thoughts and fireflies illuminating the room. They’re on tour right now and if you’re missing them, you’re missing out. This band is more than a summer fling. Don’t leave me in the Fall, please?

Likeways — “Change”

Next Local Show: August 11, at The Venue in Orlando, FL

Julien Baker, of the first Songs I Groove To installation fame (and way more LESS cool accomplishments), wears a shirt at shows that reads, “Sad Songs Make Me Feel Better.” If these words have any truth to them, Chad Andrew Pearce of Likeways, must be the happiest dude on the planet. His latest project simply titled, l l, is chalk full of somber acoustic-picked tunes with tender whistling solos, and light keys. Pearce’s voice is rich and full, albeit the brokenness in each chord he strums.

“Change” is the last track on the collection of songs, now available on Bandcamp, and it is the sad, bittersweet cherry on top. His voice is soft as he sings,

Nothing will change the way she feels about me today.”

Pearce’s sultry nature helps you strip down the often convoluted truth of relationships to its simplest form, which is, love hurts…..but it sounds fucking amazing. Pearce is a hidden gem, right underneath my nose this whole time; member of the indie-rock five piece, Idle Spirit, AND a staff writer/photographer for SIGT (check here). Add sad song extraordinaire to this list and keep an eye out for more feels from Likeways.*

*Tissues not provided.

LUVLOST — “Thinking Back On Autumn Green”

Next Local Show: July 25, 2016, 64 North, Orlando, FL

For fans of The Hotelier, Sorority Noise, You Blew It! and bands alike, rejoice in LUVLOST and their new track, “Thinking Back On Autumn Green.” The homegrown Orlando trio have that signature punk-whine that pairs just right with slightly brash guitar riffs. LUVLOST consists of Joshy Sims – Bass / Vocals, Jake Leistra – Guitar / Vocals, and Hayden Cler – Guitar / Vocals. They’re coming up!

Island Science — “Satellite” 

Next Local Show: TBD, Keep an eye on the Island Science Facebook.

There is a disclaimer at the beginning of Groove To posts which warns the reader these songs may not be new but new to us, so settle down. I’m just catching up. This Orlando trio of females feels like dripping honey, rolling around in small, pastel-colored paper confetti, eyes closed, swaying slowly to the beats. How this scenario would happen, I don’t know … I’m stoned. 😎 Either way, I’m fucking feeling myself. Island Science is straight-up confidence. These ladies create lush layers one on top of the other on “Satellite” as their smooth tones are woven together creating synthetic heaven. I’ve always had a magnetic pull to sleepy synth-rock, ala Oh Wonder or Lapsley, and these ladies hit the sweet spot. It’s easy to captivate but Bianca and Kaley will reel you in and leave you caked in the resin of their self-described “art rock” sound. They resonate and will keep resonating in between your ears long after their songs are done. Get yourself to any Island Science show and float away my friends, float away.

Someday River — “Isn’t It”

Next Local Show: August 25, 2016, Will’s Pub, Orlando, FL w/ Hank & Cupcakes

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jette, the famed pointillism painting by George Seurat, circa 1884; that’s all I can see in my mind. My brain is painting it differently, though. Instead of ladies with long skirts and dainty umbrellas for shade, I see women weeping, huddled by a lake. Rather than a man propping himself up in the grass, I see men holding confused children. I see bleeding letters on brightly colored signs held by shaking hands. I see rainbow pins and melted wax on scratched out nail beds. I see furious writing and furrowed brows. I see black. I see white. I see purple. I see orange. “And all at once the camera’s fade, the colors bleed to blue and gray.” I see people. I see a city holding its breath. It is a Sunday evening and the rain has started to put out the small flames lit only an hour before. I see a swan swim to the bank side, peaked by noise, driven ashore and gone all the same. “And all at once the cameras fade shooting back out getting trapped in a fray.” I see muddy footprints leading out, smushed petals in their wake. I see strangers headed for home. A diaspora of crying souls…

We just keep telling ourselves that’s the way it is, isn’t it?”

Someday River joined with other local bands to pen this original track for the “Heartbeats” compilation to benefit the victims and families of the Pulse shooting. All proceeds go directly to Equality Florida. Like Seurat’s technique, we are stronger as one; we are a masterpiece when we come together. We are Orlando Strong and you can help today. <3

Songs I Groove To vol. III: Orlando Edition by Sarah Schumaker.



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