Oso Oso Live Review & Concert Photos | Lucky You Tattoo, St. Petersburg | February 4, 2016

by • February 12, 2016

The buzzing of needle pens at Lucky You Tattoo paused for an evening of indie punk invasion. Long Islanders Oso Oso had arrived in the most quiet, powerful fashion.

Few bands have touched my soul and made me feel alive like Oso Oso. They’re dreamily stomping, catchy and quick, most of all in their live performance.

The tour showcases the 2015 album Real Stories of True People Who Kind of Looked Like Monsters, which was for many an inconspicuous but incredible release. It’s tightly written lyricism with bursts of gorgeous instrumentals, forming the most seamless listening experience.

Songs like “Wet Grass or Cold Cement” and “Where You’ve Been Hiding” punch even harder in person. Every track is retrospective, drawing in the most intimate experiences and laying them bare for an audience. “Josephine” is flirtatiously fun, a daring attempt to explore the gray area of relationships, but the real shivers arrived the moment the band opened with “Track 1, Side A.”

And it seems you did it again, you pushed them away when you needed a friend. 
And tell yourself maybe its best if you don’t call or leave a message, ‘cause you know, but you don’t.
You gotta not be so scared besoscaredbesoscared.”

In that moment, I wasn’t so scared of the strangers around me, and the boundary lines I enforce in my life faded. That’s just what Oso Oso does.

Along for the road was Prince Daddy & the Hyena, a fuzzy pop punk act that had more excitement than most performances I have seen. The youthful energy shows — the guys were huddled around Rock Band before the show started, thumbing through “Margaritaville” as if they were just regular parlor patrons. The band first started making music as a crew of college kids and the playful banter shows.

Whether you enjoy songs like “Adult Summers” or “Skip Cut Scenes! Blow Loud!,” Prince Daddy & the Hyena are exciting, rad, and fun.

Living Decent joined to play as a local opener, hailing from Orlando. The pop punk trio left the room swoon-y, though mournfully so. Though the indie emo band did have plenty of punch in their performance, the real sadness came from the looming long-term hiatus as their lead singer moves to Los Angeles.

It’s not without a well-written goodbye. Living Decent released a haunting, punching self-titled EP that is loaded with richly written openings and unforgettable riffs.

Badparker opened the night with an Algernon Cadwallader-Dads vibe. This three-piece overtook the entire space with a loud, catchy performance. Badparker is appearing on more and more local bills, and it won’t be long before they open for larger touring bands.

At the end of the night, I had an adorable otter t-shirt tucked into my camera bag and a sense of permanence. I didn’t get inked at Lucky You Tattoo, but Oso Oso is etched into me.

Oso Oso Live Review by Amanda Starling, edited by Matthew Weller.

Oso Oso Concert Photos by Amanda Starling.

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