Listen UP: Sarah “Sweaty Septum”‘s Obscure, “Netflix and Chill” Playlist | Valentine’s Day Edition | Get ready for February 14, 2016

by • February 10, 2016

One of the great things about our generation, Generation Y if you will, is that we’ve come up with code words or slang to make ourselves feel better about otherwise lackluster decisions.  Don’t get me twisted (that means wrong, Mom) I’m totally hip to it and guilty all the same which is why I’ve decided to take a popular phrase/concept to the next level — tunes to kickstart your evening.

Hey girl, we should most def Netflix and chill at my house later, nah what I mean?”

A sentence that all Dads and humans alike should fear. What exactly does ‘Netflix and Chill’ mean? I took to the Mecca of knowledge– that is Urban Dictionary — to get to the bottom of this:

It means that you are going to go over your partner’s house and f— with Netflix in the background.

There it is — who would’ve guessed? The year 2015 is alive and well with chivalry and cryptic “National Treasure” codes to crack. If you do, however,  get tired of “Fraiser” or “Lost” re-runs, luckily I’ve compiled a small list of the year’s best indie tracks to Netflix and Chill to.


Track 1: “Historic Cemetery” by The Front Bottoms

I would be remissed if I didn’t speak on the new album by The Front Bottoms. Not only is the band’s name and new album title a coy, sly icebreaker, their lyrics are on the nose to this generational concept.

Originally, I thought that “2YL” would be the perfect opener to this playlist but after close consideration it was apparent “Historic Cemetery” was really the only option. Lead singer, Brian Sella starts the song with,

… It’s just you and me, getting high and hanging out. Getting high and messing around. Getting high and trying to figure it out.

If these lyrics don’t make their way next to a definition soon I would be surprised; they are pretty spot on.

The tune is more somber with an angsty bass undertow, pulling you through the bridge to a unique ending. A spoken word poem rounds out the piece where, depending on your state of mind, could sound like Kid Cudi or Bill from “Freaks and Geeks.” This is good because you can both feign interest in the language arts and the 1950’s beatnik movement before focusing on er, anatomy.

Track 2: “Take Shelter” by Years and Years

Years and Years vocalist Olly Alexander may scream awkward, adolescent teen, but he is sure to croon his way straight into your bedroom filled with band tapestries and ticket stub cork boards.

“Take Shelter” is a beautifully composed synth pop anthem that could be remixed at the club or listened to in all the comforts of your own four walls. This track stands out but is not the only one by the British foursome that should be noted.



Track 3: “Levitation” by Beach House

If the red velvet casing of Beach House‘s new album, Depression Cherry, isn’t enough to set the mood, I’m not sure what is.

The first song off of their fifth studio album, “Levitation”, is the ultimate dream pop vibe to chill to. The whole album could be played in a Bikram hot yoga class with dystopian rhythms drifting you in and out of active consciousness. It is very reminiscent of the soundtrack to the cult film classic “The Virgin Suicides” which, if 1970’s female teen depression doesn’t do it for you, again, I cannot help you.

Track 4: “Phantom” by The Story So Far

My final track will have you feeling the like end of the color spectrum with pop punk king of feels, Parker Cannon. Dark blue with nostalgic imagery and deep, whiny guitar, “Phantom”, off of The Story So Far‘s self-titled album is the perfect way to cap off this vinyl.

We know the band has softer notes because of previous tunes like, “Clairvoyant” but they hit their stride with this punk ballad about missing a significant other.

These songs make up a small portion of all of the great music you may have missed this year. If you’re searching for more continuity in your hangout sesh then look no further than The Alabama Shakes album, Sound & Color. The change in sound for the rock band is only a testament to their growth as artists. They don’t just reach for retro vibes, they embody them fully.

Stick this record on your Crosley from Urban Outfitters and you cool cats won’t have to touch that dial once. An album you can truly listen to straight through as each song builds upon the other, never falling until the end has you reaching for more.

So, there you have it: a playlist all compressed into one vinyl playlist to impress your “bae” as you “chill” and eat pizza. 😉

Netflix and Chill Playlist by Sarah “Sweaty Septum” Schumaker.



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