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Secret Show: EAGLES OF DEATH METAL at Standard Motorcycle Co. PHOTOS + VIDEO | March 13, 2018

by • March 14, 2018

Jesse Hughes just called me “A god among men” for gifting him a J. There was maybe 50 of us who belonged there, and that was every one of us. Standard House/Standard Motorcycle Co., is the new fucking standard for a wild beating heart. Will Walker is smiling. Will Walker understands Orlando’s music scene best. It’s because he listens. He feels the things you’ve been trying to understand for decades because he was the one creating and curating the nights you remember intimately.

This is the underground. The resistance. The future.

If nothing else, sip this. Taste the opportunity to experience a special flavor of passion.

Well, it was really half of a J. We shared the other half with compadres—life mates who can speak non-verbally.

Every rare occasion where speech is an accessory defines life.

I spoke to both partners at Standard Motorcycle Co. last night about Orlando, the scene, life, and what feels right. Let’s just say there’s going to be a lot more cool shit happening at Standard Motorcycle Co. More secret shows. More public shows. More shows. Shows I’ll Go To.

Secret Show Happening NOW at Standard House Co. with Eagles Of Death Metal. It’s free. Yes, for real, for real! Get over here!

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Eagles Of Death Metal

Posted by Shows I Go To on Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Eagles of Death Metal Photos by Chad Andrew Pearce.
Eagles of Death Metal secret show by Mitch.

MARCH 14-17, 2024


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