Women of SIGT 2017

SIGT Wouldn’t Exist Without These Special Women | Happy International Woman’s Day 2017

by • March 8, 2017

Without these incredible, intelligent women, you would not have ShowsIGoTo.com. These gorgeous souls light up my mind with the best ideas and challenges to make this whole thing possible for you everyday. Here are some of the brilliant women who run SIGT and what we would be without these women.

We wouldn’t get into any shows if it wasn’t for Megan and Kelly. We wouldn’t get into any festivals. We wouldn’t post live coverage of shows or be approved to take photos. Fans wouldn’t win tickets because there would be no one picking ticket giveaway winners. We wouldn’t conduct personal, insightful interviews with beautiful bands. Kelly wouldn’t know how to do it all if it wasn’t for Megan’s patience and talent. And, Megan learned from a process co-created by our first Press Manager, Katie Baldwin

Articles wouldn’t have powerful feminine voices if it wasn’t for Sarah “Sweaty Septum” Schumaker, Paulina Praphanchith, Dena DavisSoorya Arsala, Ariel Rivera, Rachael Welsh, Kristin James, Gem Martin, and contributors Sarabeth Jackson, Sarah Capps, Amanda Starling, and Rebecca Weinberg

Writers wouldn’t receive open-minded feminine feedback if it wasn’t for editors Sarah Schu and Kristen Burns

Shows I Go To would have never had professional concert photos if it wasn’t for Lindsay Tompkins. Her and I met through Ticket Giveaways and she became our very first photographer! We would never get photos up that look this fucking good, by the second song of each bands set, if we didn’t learn from wonder-woman, Jenn Ross. And owe infinite gratitude to our hardworking female photographers Lindsay Tompkins, Vanessa Rios, and Page Walker.

SIGT Holiday Photo 2016

Left to right: Sarah Schu, Kelly Nichols, Megan Malsom, Ariel Rivera, Jenn Ross, Nikki Bowles. <3

We wouldn’t have a radio show every Friday if it wasn’t for Jessica Pawli. Nor would we have such a close connection with one of our favorite venues, Will’s Pub, if it wasn’t for her. 

I wouldn’t have anywhere to wake up and work nor have a SIGT Home Office if it wasn’t for my roommate, Nikki Bowles. She keeps me grounded, no matter the gravity level. 

And, ShowsIGoTo definitely wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for my magnificent mother. Because, you know, she created me, and, I’ve never met a stronger, more inspiring woman in my entire life. 

ShowsIGoTo.com runs on high-octane fem-fuel. These are some of my best friends I’ve ever had and I’m proud to call them sisters. We’re all equal, but today I celebrate how fucking lucky I am to have these women in my life. Happy International Woman’s Day, everyday, forever-eva. <3


These women of SIGT rock. Here’s a playlist with some of our favorite Women Who Rock in music, including Alabama Shakes, K. Flay, HAIM, Paramore, Janis Joplin, First Aid Kit, Lana Del Ray, Brandi Carlile, Florence + The Machine, Metric, Shiny Toy Guns, Grace Potter, Amy Winehouse, and, of course, Stevie Nicks.

Women of SIGT Article by Mitch, edited by Sarah.

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