Underoath Live Review 2016

Underoath Live Review + Concert Photos | “Nothing Short Of Invincible” | Jannus Live | March 16, 2016

by • March 17, 2016

It was our night. We waited seven months since it was announced. And, years for them to take the stage again. Underoath left us at this same venue, Jannus Live, a little over three years ago. It’s fitting this is where we pick back up, but it is very clear this is not where they left off. Oh, God no … Underoath is back brilliantly burning with passion again, and, so am I.

Garrett, Megan, and I were standing stage left, house right, and Garrett bet they were going to play Define The Great Line first. It sounded like he was right during the audio intro. But, maybe they did this to fuck with us intentionally, a few seconds before they began, I turned to Garrett and told him what I felt in my gut: “You’re wrong.”

The first song of They’re Only Chasing Safety came ripping through the speakers and I fucking lost it. Full panic.

“So let’s not even … TRY, YOU’RE RIGHT! Let’s ball it up and throw it out the window!” I am breathing heavily. My heart is high. You could have mistaken me for a seizure. I’m feeling free … feeling FREE!

“You’re a classic disaster with a knack for losing your exterior.” We scream towards the stars under a crescent moon with our old friend, Aaron Gillespie. It’s so incredible to see him behind the drums again, and singing the things we feel the most. He left the band in 2010, admitting in a 2015 interview, “I was going through a lot of weird emotional shit.” Aaron, I’m am so fucking glad you’re back. I’m glad you’re happy. I needed to feel what I felt last night, and I wouldn’t have, had you not been there.

Can you feel your heartbeat racing?
Can you taste the fear in her sweat?
You’ve done this wrong
It’s too far gone”

On a floor full of dudes, the few females in attendance seemed like the majority of those who I “swiped right” on Tinder who I never matched with … These sheets tell of regret.

“Here … is where … we both … go wrong.” This is what makes me feel alive. My skin was tingling. Our energy was bright red, and we knew it.

I visited Green Bench Brewery earlier in the day and learned two things: Tim McTague likes drinking there (he had a few beers around noon), and the back corner of the outdoor beer garden is a great place to smoke a J. 🙂 Highly recommend the Skyway IPA.

I’ve studied They’re Only Chasing Safety for almost 15 years. It came out the year I graduated high school, so it was a bit of a send off into the world for me. I played it loud in my red truck to dead-end jobs and ex-girlfriends houses. I wore it on my sleeve, as my little emo heart should have, in the mid ’00s, and screamed loud: “I feel like this is going nowhere. No lights. No signs. I’m at a loss for words.” It’s a scar telling a story like a hidden tattoo.

“The Blue Note” instrumental takes over and we all know “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door” is about to rip our lungs out. We’re dripping with drool and sweat, ready to chant as we march into battle:

My knuckles have turned to white
There’s no turning back tonight
(so hold on tight)
Kiss me one last time
(Shut your eyes).”

All in harmony, we continue … “Drowning in my sleep … I’m drowning in my sleep” … then Aaron fires and we fire back … “Glass shatters and comes to a halt!”

Pain has never been so brilliant. We thrash and throw our fists and kicks, and become airborne over and over. Underoath knows what we want. This couldn’t be more. It’s everything, and they still have a whole other album to play … Define The Great Line.

Wake up! Wake up! My God!
This is not a test!” 

The second set erupts, paired with video projections and eager warriors. Everything from here on out is simply a bonus. The sound goes out halfway through for a few measures, and no one gives a shit, no one missed a kick, we are in celebration, together, finally.

This is my last request to you: Go see Underoath on their “Rebirth Tour.” Don’t shake, I hate to see you tremble.

Full 2016 Underoath Tour Dates Here.

Underoath Live Review 2016 by Mitch Foster, who is clearly Chasing Safety.
Underoath Live Concert Photos 2016 by Jeff Roach.

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