The-Districts-Live Review 2017

The Districts: LIVE REVIEW & PHOTOS | The Social, Orlando, FL

by • October 31, 2017

I’m screaming behind my lens,

What doesn’t last will get remembered
What doesn’t last is good to miss
What doesn’t last is stuck in your throat
What doesn’t last gets swallowed whole.”

The Districts The Social Orlando 2017

The Districts The Social Orlando 2017

Popular Manipulations got me through the end of summer and is effectively transitioning into this golden season (al affective disorder) all the same.

Having seen The Districts before only pushed me into their arms further, a testament to their moving live show, which is worth repeating.

The Districts First FL Show Review Here!

The video for “Violet” was partially inspired by photographer Gregory Crewdson, whose portraits of small town America pair well with the tableaux of The Districts cry from suburbia. There is magic in the mundane. 

Like Crewdson for stills, The Districts continue to make themselves irreplaceable in the fabric of genuine, gutting music. Keep listening.

The Districts LIVE REVIEW & PHOTOS by Sarah Schumaker.

The Districts PHOTOS

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