Surfer Blood Live Review 2017

Surfer Blood: LIVE REVIEW & PHOTOS w/ Pathos, Pathos & Gary Lazer Eyes | The Social, Orlando, FL | October 27, 2017

by • November 3, 2017

Surfer Blood takes The Social stage to an anxious crowd. It isn’t exactly a hometown show for the West Palm Beach natives, but Florida fans showed out in wild fashion, (not actually outlandish clothing, rather wildin’ dance moves once the music broke loose).

Surfer Blood Live Review 2017 - Bassist

The darlings of the evening however, were electric alt rock Melbourne boys Gary Lazer Eyes, and sweetheart (apple of your eyes) Orlando indie-rock-rad-guys Pathos, Pathos.

It was a dream Florida bill in the best intimate venue in town.

GLE’s recently released “Moonlight” is a last stitch effort to reach for the summer as temperatures begin to drop. Cool saxophone and tremulous guitars glitter underneath Austin Young’s (lead guitar/vocals) voice as he longingly grasps towards a paradise he himself is not even sure is real.

Gary Lazer Eyes Live Review 2017 - Austin

Could be a storm or a tide coming in.”

“Moonlight” is the third in a string of singles the beachy grunge rock boys have released this year including, “Satisfy” and “Matter of Fact.” Their rise in the Florida music scene has been steadily growing since 2015. They’ve been turning heads with their perfectly creepy beachy blend of groove and grunge.

Gary Lazer Eyes Live Review 2017 - Sean

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Pathos, Pathos glide onto the stage and the pit begins to fill up. The boys have been on the road for the past month and a half and it’s clear Orlando has been awaiting their return.

Pathos, Pathos The Social Orlando FL

Pathos, Pathos The Social Orlando FL

Often, hometown shows can be sparse due to over saturation in local booking, but the indie rock kings are at the point now where no fan would dare miss a show. With their latest release, Lucky Charm, Pathos created themselves a crowd who will shout back every word. <3


The Lucky Charm EP is a mostly concept album about a man who stuffed his dead wife. So, why is it so damn relatable? Are we all psychopaths? Do we all deep down possess a predisposition for sick tendencies … destined to all go mad in the end … ?

Pathos, Pathos The Social Orlando FL

Pathos, Pathos (Matthew Walsh)

Pathos Pathos take the human experience and strip it down to our most base instincts. They remove the stigma surrounding mental health with danceable melodies and Walsh’s ever recognized guttural cries, twisting his finger deeper into the cut.

We are just happy to be the skin beneath his nails.”

We were treated to a healthy mix of old and new Pathos classics. (I think it’s safe to say that now … classic.) Each song contains a memory of which Pathos show you were at when you heard it. How you felt. How old you were.

Pathos Pathos help mark time in our lives with songs to grow with and grow out of, and like an old friend, go back to revisit.

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Surfer Blood Live Review and Photos w/ Pathos, Pathos & Gary Lazer Eyes by Sarah Schumaker.

Surfer Blood w/ Pathos, Pathos & Gary Lazer Eyes PHOTOS

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