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TICKET GIVEAWAY: Streetlight Manifesto | House of Blues, Orlando, FL | Saturday, November 12, 2016

by • November 2, 2016

One of my top three bands of all time is coming to town, and you can bet I’m excited! Streetlight Manifesto, THE SKA BAND, is on its way to the House of Blues in Orlando, FL on November 12, and I could not be a happier person/fan/music lover. Streetlight Manifesto has changed how I view music, live shows, and life in general. And I get to see them again, for the fifth time, and share a bit of my story with you before you hopefully win tickets. It has me all giddy inside.

Streetlight Manifesto was introduced to me a bit later than many other influential bands in my life, but I definitely know they came when the time was just right. I was working for a restaurant at the time and my faith in music had begun to decline. I had been to quite a few shows at that point and was really getting tired of seeing and hearing the same kind of bands (mostly punk, reggae, and metal shows). One of my best friends, who also worked with me, played this band for me. At first, they sounded totally like just another punk band, but then I realized the horns … My God, the horns.


I had listened to some ska bands with horns, but nothing like what Streetlight Manifesto had to offer. The harmonies, the way the horns really dictated how the song progressed, and how they were complemented perfectly by an excellent ska band behind them. Then, there are the lyrics. Streetlight Manifesto lead singer/guitarist Tomas Kanolky dedicates each album to a theme, and every single song on each album discusses different sub-themes.

Everything Went Numb talked about life/death and trying to stay alive. Keasbey Nights is actually a re-recorded version of Kanolky’s earlier band, the supremely excellent Catch-22. Somewhere in the Between deals with religion, government, hell and heaven, and the end of the world. 99 Songs of Revolution: Vol 1 is a cover album of some of Kanolky’s favorite songs. Their latest album, The Hands That Thieve had themes of the little guy fighting the big government/corporations, which seemed to have ties to their ongoing struggle with Victory Records.

And finally, there is their live show. Streetlight Manifesto is not just a band, it is a moment that we are privileged to be a part of. These guys are one of those bands that are so much better live than they are on the albums, and that is what I really appreciate about them the most. You can tell every single person on that stage has a personal connection to each song and play their heart out the entire show, despite the fact they have been doing this for over 12 years.

The passion, the strength, and the magnitude of this band are overwhelming. And trust me, you will hate yourself for not going to see this band. So join me Saturday, November 12 at the House of Blues Orlando and together we will ride the fourth wave into utter bliss.









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Streetlight Manifesto Ticket Giveaway by Garrett East, edited by Matthew Weller.

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