WATCH: SIGT Session w/ Slumberjack | Two Unreleased Songs — “Grey Paper” and “People Eat Everything”

by • November 24, 2016

I’m driving to Daytona and taste the saltiness from the tears running down my face. I realized what “Grey Paper” is about. It hurts. “Please don’t do it. Think of me when you’re about to make the last err…”

Two weeks earlier, Andrew Kelly from Slumberjack is screaming in my living room and all my hairs are raised. It’s a weekday. It’s beautiful outside but not as beautiful as inside. I’m holding my breath so he can’t hear my thoughts. I’ve never heard anyone push out a more pure passionate scream in my entire life.

“I got your letter yesterday. Your red ink on grey paper. I have nothing. I have nothing at all. But I believe that LIFE IS WORTH IT ALL!”


“For Ali Rose, Life is always worth what it cost to live.” -Andrew Kelly.

“People Eat Everything” was the first song we recorded. This was the first and only take. It was perfect. 

I want to live long enough to learn how to die. 

The intro lyrics of “People Eat Everything” are written by a good friend of Andrew’s, Ryan Rennie, when he was 15 years old.


SIGT Session with Slumberjack article by Mitch Foster.
SIGT Session with Slumberjack filmed, edited, and recorded by the beautiful Chad Andrew Pearce.

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