Shows I Go To - Shows I Go To Episode 1

Welcome to the Official SIGT Podcast! | Episode 1

by • May 8, 2015

To all of our dedicated SIGT friends and family,

We have some awesome news! We’ve expanded our reach and joined the internet radio world. You all know how much we love music. We’re obsessed and it’s a huge part of all our lives. While we continue to write amazing reviews, take beautiful photographs, and give out all the free tickets to shows that we can, now you can listen to us too! Fuck yeah!

What to look forward to from the SIGT Podcasts:

Tyler Holland & myself (Rebecca Weinberg) hosting, expect tons of visits from SIGT founder Mitch Foster.

Our New Releases segment “Shit You Need to Know,” with our Director of the Events Calendar, Garrett East, joining in.

Big music news, festival/concert coverage and interviews with some rad people (yes this includes SIGT staff and bands!).

Our hilarious segment “Weird Ass Band Names,” no explanation needed!

“Musical Guests of the Week,” each episode will feature a chosen musician or band that we love and want to share with you all, expect music clips and admiration.

We invite you to fully immerse yourselves in our world! Listen and learn, love, tweet us, email us and laugh with us!

Shows I Go To Podcast

Shows I Go To – Shows I Go To Episode 1

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