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by • June 5, 2017

Scene and Herd by Doug “Igoto” Dresher 



Sometimes the buffer is bigger than the card!

Here are some photographs and quick thoughts on a few shows I had the opportunity to attend.  While I truly intended to do full write-ups of each, I just ran out of memory.  

So here are photographs and quick overviews of some great shows I’ve had the opportunity to see!

Animal Masks

Ron Day has been a fixture in the New Jersey music scene for a very long time – but now he’s in the band and not just a spectator.

Emotionally raw lyrics with a strong rhythm section in Dave DeCastro and Dan Zachary. 

Think Firehose while wearing comfortable shoes to stare at.

Gogol Bordello

This band deserves much more than this short review.

Gypsy punk and politically charged.  At first it is hard to tell if this is parody or sincere – but believe me – this is the real stuff.

Exciting live show, fun, from raga to klezmer and everything in between.

You’d better study though, there will be a quiz on post-glasnost politics and Europe in the time of Twitter.

In the Whale


An unexpected treat found opening for another band at The Stone Pony.  

I’m not usually a fan of the two-piece no bass thing – but they pull it off.  

Old-school heavy, perhaps a little like Superheaven – no, I’ve changed my mind, a little like George Thorogood. – No not that either.  Just take a listen.

Worth the investment.



Seductive with smooth reverb.  Shy music for people who need to explore.  You want to stare, but don’t want to be caught staring.  A good sway gets you in the mood, but be prepared to think about what she just sang.



Nashville Pussy

Vulgar, loud, and relating to the most common elements of the urge to reproduce and drink.  What you see is what you get – Rock N Roll – with sweat and humbuckers.  Most of their fans may have voted Trump – but for a good reason.

Be ready to wash after – you’ll enjoy this, just don’t think too much.

The Feelies

This is the venerable Ne Jersey band who have defined DIY and generational rebirth.  They are as good as their reputation.  Jangly and melodic – they start slow and burn at an exponential rate.  

They represent all that can be good in independent music – defined the language of college rock, created the Hoboken sound, and then went back to their day jobs.

Head blown.


More soon!


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