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PREVIEW — OXFORD NOLAND — Be part of their Live Album (Orlando, Tampa, Jax)

by • February 16, 2021

Each Oxford Noland recording to date has been a single live take from Shua Harrell and Aaron “Bucky” Buckingham. Shau plays guitar and sings leads. Bucky sings backups, plays two snare drums, no tom toms, and plays keyboard while he’s playing the drum set [insert mind-blown emoji]. These two meld sounds and atmospheres like two best friends who grew up together (and they did). There’s a level of heightened communication between them, nonverbal; universal—musical.

One Take debuted as their first “live” EP in 2019, followed by One Take, Vol. 2, in 2020—five new tracks from the Oriented Music Group artists. Now they have a nice repertoire of sonically stimulating tracks—revisiting their debut album, We’re Silhouettes, as well as tapping into songs from the two live EPs—Oxford Noland will perpetuate their artistry of recording a live performance to deliver a new full length, One Take Live. But now, for the first time, through all the fog this past year has delivered, you, yes YOU, can be a part of, and witness to, the live album recording process. Hell, if you yell loud enough, you’ll be on the album! Taste a little with their live stream video. Details below the video.

Oxford Noland is going 3-day Florida tour with the intention of filming and recording each of the shows to create a live album experience like none other. With the interaction of the audience in a safe environment, they plan to capture a moment in time that can only be created with the presence of everyone involved. Every ticket sale goes towards helping this album come to life, and with the limited capacities of these venues. If you can’t make it, contributions to Venmo @oxfordnoland, and the purchase of merchandise are the basis of the funding of this new record. See you out there!

Oxford Noland Florida Tour 2021




We have put together a team of videographers, photographers, audio engineers, and lighting designers to make these shows and the ‘ONE TAKE LIVE’ album experience the best representation of Oxford Noland to date. We are going to compile the best performances from all of our shows to create our next album ‘ONE TAKE LIVE’.

OXFORD NOLAND — Be part of their Live Album (Orlando, Tampa, Jax) Article by Mitch.

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