Neck Deep Live Review

A Very Neck Deep Christmas | Neck Deep Live Review | BackBooth Orlando | December 20 2015

by • January 14, 2015

Neck Deep at Backbooth Orlando was, by far, the gnarliest Christmas gathering I’ve been to in my day (thanks Norsekorea!). The massive amount of energy that coursed through my veins as I entered Backbooth was incredible. The room was packed, seemingly far past the fire Marshall’s limit. You could smell BO and whiskey all throughout the room. I could feel the sweat of everyone’s skin as I squeezed my way to the front. Sold out concert, what else would you expect?

Neck Deep Live Review

Florida locals Adaliah, Hungover, and Oh Captain, My Captain served as the openers for the UK’s Neck Deep. The room was filled with a flock of punk kids at this show, something you don’t see in Orlando too often anymore. I feel this scene is so underrated, especially for being so close to New Found Glory’s hometown. And no hipsters in sight is always a good sign at these kind of shows. 😉

Seconds before Neck Deep’s lead singer, Ben Barlow, hit the stage, the back of the room went hysterical. The man couldn’t even make it to the front without being scorched with emotions from his fans. I reach to my pockets to start Snapchatting the show but the rowdy fans pushed away and started stage diving.

Neck Deep Live Review

The chorus hasn’t hit and I’ve already lost my phone. Luckily, it was a punk show and it was turned in to the lead guitarist after it was rolling around in the pits of death. Cracked screen, sticky phone, nothing new for a Neck Deep kind of night. I hit the stage after “Silver Lining.” Note that during the entire set, there were people of all sizes throwing themselves into the crowd. A beautiful scenery that can only be captured with your own eyes.

Did I mention Santa was a fan? He was on stage throwing wrapped presents for the band. Turned out to be LOTR’s & Adventure Time artwork flags of Neck Deep’s 5-man band. The most bad ass presents,  for the most bad ass Christmas show. “All Hype, No Heart” jams shortly after and I feel an elbow swing onto my face. Bloody lip instantly, but the energies went on. I told security that I was reviewing the show and they let me sit on stage for the rest of the night.

I felt as if Backbooth’s floor would collapse with the amount of movement that went on. Neck Deep provided all type of feels that night.  Fil Thorpe-Evans, bassist, stated they were slowing it down for a few and the entire room already knew what to expect. “A Part Of Me” begins and the crowd’s voice overpowers the lead vocals coming from the speakers. Sweaty teens with teary eyes, no surprise.

Neck Deep Live Review

The entire band sings along as the crowd chants away their passion for Neck Deep’s punk jams. These boys sure know what they’re doing. After an encore, the crowd didn’t get enough so they performed “Sweet Nothings” and called it a night. I was hoping they’d play their new cover of “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” by green day but it was too late.

I strongly recommend catching Neck deep live before they hit the high charts. I had to opportunity to talk to Ben Barlow after the show and turns out that the band is currently recording their third album here in Orlando. I asked about how many new jams should we expect and he states “the band and I have been working on that now, but we haven’t decided.” Hope to hear more from Neck deep this year. A definite must-see in 2015.

Neck Deep Live Review by Bernardo Ortiz.

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