TICKET GIVEAWAY: Fleet Foxes | Coming to St. Augustine Amphitheatre | March 2, 2018

by • February 18, 2018

You wretch the ice tray left and right, trying to fashion it into a DNA ladder. The ice and plastic crack in succession. You remove two pieces from their cradle and let them drop into a particular glass. It has a rim around the top and the blocks make a sound commiserate with their new home.

A clock slowly notes time with its tick…tock. You shuffle past a box fan on the living room floor. A motorcycle with guttural pipes passes by the front window. The bedroom is dark. Your glass sits shaded on the nightstand. You settle into bed. Your breathing decreases its intensity. You feel your body fill with air, spine resettling with every inhale—a light crack signaling the adjustment.

The ice in your glass begins to melt. One piece slips under the other then floats up to kiss the glass with a faint clink. You awaken to the buzz of a garbage truck—men emptying cans, the closing of a rear door, the crunch of waste.

Fleet Foxes is the ice tray, the clock, the glass, and the sweet buzz of life with its attendant symphony. Fleet Foxes is harmony and layer and cohesiveness. It’s the building song in your head emerging from the simple to the sublime. It is the clear and accessible expression of countless complicated interactions. Fleet Foxes are the soundtrack of a life well lived and you can catch their renowned live show at St. Augustine Amphitheatre on March 2, 2018.

Fleet Foxes in St. Augustine 2018

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